Monday, 24 January 2011

Children grow into teens, be warned!

The Gallery theme this week is children; Mine are no longer Children but teens. Tara, make the most of it, mine were cute once.
The year was 1995
A family holiday in South of France for 14 of us. Yes 14. It was great holiday.
The kids were happy with a stint on the beach, being buried in sand, ice creams, and jumping into the pool in inflatable heaven. They went to bed at early hour and we could relax.
When I look at this photo I want to turn back the clock.
Instead I have this to contend with.


  1. This is my favourite photo of my niece and nephew. I found it the other night in an album. We had a great holiday didn't we?

  2. We did. That was the year of Aqua Tennis Quoit Mania. Loved it. Its my fave photo too. Have since realised that they are always photographed with him on left her on right

  3. Oh you've got me wishing I could turn back time too. Your children were so cute then but I bet they are cherished just as much now.

  4. Ooh...scary! But you're two seem to have grown up to be fabulous teens!

    I'm nearly there though with my tween. And that WAS going to be the subject of my Gallery entry this week...

    xx Jazzy

  5. So are they still the best of friends? I posted up an oldie too, those toddler pictures are always soo cute

  6. brilliant! I will be sure to make the most of the small years then :)

  7. Oh - that picture is just lovely. Time does go fast. Wait until Boo and Boy and O are teening their way around the Aire Valley.

    Your two are fab teens - you can pass on your wisdom to us when we get there...

  8. This is a fab post - you still love your grumpy teens though!!

  9. Such cute photos....
    Doesn't that 'turn back time' yearning break your heart? And aren't we lucky to have kids full stop? they drive us mad but we love the bones of them...

  10. Trish - Cherished? Hmmm not all the time. hence the need for nostalgic photos
    Jazzy gal - I shall stop by to see you posted
    Looking for BS- best of friends and worst enemies. It can all happen in a heart beat
    Tiddlyompompom- I beg of you make the most of your early years- it helps you get through the hardest years
    Fenn-Girl - I am not so sure you'd agree with my wisdom - or lack of

  11. libby

    oh yes I yearn away wit ha churning heart. My eldest is chomping at the bit to leave home but still needs his mum

  12. Nic- of course I love them.* through clenched teeth

  13. I love that photo it's so teens! they have the full angle, it just screams attitude - I love it - however, they are not mine! I've started late, by the time my son reaches his teens I will probably be so elderly I will be slightly deaf and confused by it all (and thus it will pass me by - will that work at a strategy? - probably not)

  14. Awww great photo. I have to be honest, I don't really long for them to be small. I like the banter now, and the proper conversations - although yes, I could do without the angst, the mood swings and the financial burden!! x