Monday, 6 December 2010

Simple pleasures

This weekend has been of simple pleasures

Friday night - I stayed home whilst Hot Date went out on a works do. All very domesticated. Slippers and hot water bottle for me that night * cough.
Saturday - I was escorted round supermarkets, a little bit of christmas shopping by my carer/hot date as I staggered behind walking like a demented penguin. Going bowling was probably not a good idea in the evening but it was enjoyable none the less and She-ra perked up and got a few strikes in.
Sunday - I waved good bye to Hot date in the morning and pottered at my own slow pace, made a hot water bottle cover out of an old jumper marvelled at my blanket stitch and gusset before making even more felted christmas pud tree decorations after swearing never again. I'm not sure what happened to the rest of the weekend. It blurred in to a lovely joint of ham cooked more for the left overs of ham egg and chips than the main meal, a glass of wine and being absolutely exhausted come 8pm

Not exciting but simple and I enjoyed every minute of it.


  1. If hot date has become your carer it must be serious - Glad you are getting out and about even if it is only the supermarket. Any chance of a show and tell of the blanket stitch creation? so good that you are enjoying some crafting. Betty

  2. That sounds like a nice weekend to me after the Saturday I had

  3. I don't think I've ever marvelled at my gusset! :-)

  4. I think we need a chat about you and hot date and your love for supermarkets and hardware stores.

    I missed you on Sunday Penguin Lady.

  5. Bettu - just for you my " how to turn an old jumper into a felted hotwater bottle with gusset" I know it doesn't look much but it makes me happy

    Sue - the saturday you had? pray tell

    trish - ah the wonders of gussets

    laura - I have one word to say to IKEA * cough. you can look forward to this Sunday then when i will no longer be penguin lady and will be sporting killer heels