Thursday, 2 December 2010

Mr Angry

I arrived home this week to find a hand delivered letter shoved through the door with what I can only desscribe as old peoples wobbly writing on it. Oh no I thought what's going on here? I immediately thought of He-mans drum and bass music throbbing at full pelt when I'm out has finally made someone snap. Well it did with She-ra.

I read said letter. The beast of a dog had been barking in our back garden and it had enraged our behind neighbour so much that despite being very ill they felt compelled to come round to my house and confront the viscious dog themselves.

I would go round to their house but my wobbly pot encased leg and very bad weather wont let me. I think I might do what Grandad suggested and send She-ra round in her greens ( cadet uniform to th uninformed ) with a sauecpan.
Barking dog my arse! Barking mad neighbour more like.


  1. Best thing to do is ignore it - that gets right up peoples` noses!Sounds like they`re spoiling for a fight to liven up their otherwise very dull and dreary day.Don`t give them it. Chin Up, Head Back....I was going to say Walk Tall but you can`t at the know what I mean! Hope your gammy leg gets better soon.

  2. stick a note on the door saying, foot in pot, illness in this house, guard dog loose on premises - that should sort them out. Your poor old dog is just doing his job (pardon the pun).

  3. I agree with Nana. We had a neighbour who tried her best to get us to confront her over complaints about noise, plants etc. As hard as it was we ignored her and you could see it physically gnawed at her insides so much so that she moved house.
    Hope you have a knitting needle ready for when the itching starts.

  4. Thanks all for the shared sentiment 'kept you Laura - I have no idea what you mean *cough. Think I might hang on to his letter I've a feeling it may be the first of many. We are a nice respectable family don't you know.