Thursday, 30 December 2010

Groundhog Day

I'm sparing a thought for Dog, after all it's her Christmas too. Every morning I am greeted with the same routine from our wee black dog. Or as the letter writing neighbour called her, a fierce and vicious beast. Firstly she has crept upstairs to the landing where she waits with anticipation of hearing you stir. This is followed by what we call helicopter ears as she shakes her head, several times. Who needs an alarm clock? If she is worried about you or she knows that they are ill she will sleep outside that persons door. Its quite touching really. Once she has roused you enough to get up she will pretend she has just come up the stairs and you are greeted with this scenario. ( apologies of blurred but she doesn't keep still)
Mad dog, a toy ( if she can find one as she tends to take them outside and forget to bring them back in again ) and a wagging tail that by rights should have her in flight. If she could combine the helicopter flapping ears and tail wagging we would have lift off. She then charges round as if she is about to go on the longest walk ever only to be let out into the back garden. she will then charge back in as if she is about to go on longest walk ever only to find I have sloped off to the bathroom leaving her looking forlorn at the bottom of the stairs. And she does this every morning without fail. That really is looking on the bright side in action.

I swear to god that dog knows what activity I am doing according to the clothes I wear. Her most recent observation was that on return home without the infamous pot leg she assumed the stance of " and now are we going on the longest dog walk ever? purlease?"

I think her best Christmas present was not the red ball on a string toy but the fact that every morning my Dad gets up and takes to the park. He reckons he hates dog, but you know what, she loves him.


  1. I agree with you. I am sure they know what you are doing by what you wear. When I am in my scruffs and I put my trainers and coat on, I have 2 dogs waiting to go for a walk.
    My old dog, Miss, has very long claws and we have no carpet upstairs, so she wakes us up at the right time by walking along the landing and opening our bedroom door - OK during the week but not too good at the weekend!!

  2. I think dogs use some kind of telepathic hypnosis, otherwise why would anyone go out in all weathers to scoop up dog poo? your dad is evidence of this process as he doesn't like dogs yet still feels compelled. I found a stray dog in the Summer, he was saying 'come on, lets take a walk', all playful sort of - I asked my neighbour for a dog lead but he beat me to it and rushed off with the dog (2 hours) 'to look for its owner'.

  3. Sue - 2 dogs!? I'm not sure I could cope with that although we did have an overlap of v old dog with current dog.
    Betty - Dog Poo- seems like I am the only one who can pick it up. My preference is either baking hot sunshine for baked turd or frost morning for something akin to a solid mars bar.