Tuesday, 14 December 2010

The 14th Meeting of the Annual Wreath Making Society

Looking at the title of this blog it reminds me of book titles that have become the fashion of late.

The Guernsey Literary And Potato Peel Pie Society springs to mind. Maybe I could use the 14 years to mark out landmark occasions in our lives. Actually maybe not.

So here we were all were but the numbers were down this year. One was packing for her Christmas family jolly to Barbados. I know Barbados! Another was on a train. Another was felled by a sickness bug about which she felt compelled to share the details. And the other had a sick child who despite being 16 still wants their mum. So we four gathered round the spiced apple cup.

1x 2 litre bottle of cider
200g dark brown sugar
2 mulled tea bag things I found in my cupboard
1 tsp of cinnamon powder I should have mixed with the sugar but didn't so it floated like scum on the top of the pan
handful of crushed all spice berries - remember not to let the pestle or is it mortar roll on to the floor and smash into smithereens like I did
a splash or two of brandy
heat up and serve.

You know what, it was bloody delicious. We also had mince pies at the ready and oven warmed but we became so engrossed in our craft that we forgot about said mince pies.

To execute the best wreath making evening you really should have your Spotify music play list at the ready as I did. So we had ol' Dean martin blasting out Let it snow let it snow let it snow with a bit of Nut cracker for good measure and a sprinkling of the Pogues and dash of Mariah. You should also supply lots of wires, wire cutters and pliers of various sizes. the laughs come thick and fast, the wreaths are made and the gossip running through like river. Who's doing what for Christmas etc. I now give you wreath makers and their offering. If you look very closely at one you can see that the minute said friend left the room we covered her effort with fabric, sprouts and even a toy soldier.
I am very disappointed in mine this year. I think the tree wrestling stole my creative chutzpah and the red chilli pepper and sprout confection I had envisaged in my head failed to materialise and will be confided to the front door that no one uses. Fortunately I have my old monkey nut wreath to fall back on which will be given a new lease of life with a fresh ribbon to hang in pride of place. I rue the day I didn't take a photo of my silver chocolate coin wreath as it was my piece de resistance and I have never managed to better it yet. Ah well for your eyes only I give you wreaths.


  1. Mate No 1 (my numbering!)19 December 2010 at 19:39

    In order of wreaths:
    No 1 - H really needs to start up her own wreath making company, she excelled herself this year!!
    No 2 - show off!!
    No 3 - show off again (no matter how much you think they look rubbish yours always look fab)
    No 4 -nice wreath shame about the tongue!
    No 5 - well what can I say? H thinks it's so awful she's getting her coat!
    Looking forward to next year already! nx

  2. well, I can't see anything wrong with the chilli and sprout wreath, if you haven't eaten it I would maybe add some broccoli for a finishing touch and hang it with pride. What a lovely tradition - I think I might start a Christmas wreath club up.

  3. I love your chilli/sprout offering. And I do remember the silver coin one. I think you shouold donate the monkey nut one to me next year. Our door is bare.

  4. Mate no 1 - you are so kind. Yours was fab too
    Betty - the sprout wreath has been confined to the inner porch where no one will see it. I lost patience with threading all those sprouts not to mention the smell
    Laura - you might get a wreath for Christmas now