Thursday, 11 November 2010

So I took my knickers off

Today was ONE OF THOSE DAYS!. I knew it was going to be ONE OF THOSE DAYS because I woke up inexplicably early due to the lashing of the rain and the howling wind against my window. Waking up early in itself was bad enough as I have been out on two consecutive school nights each one making bed time much later than the first. Total sleep over last three days 18 hours against my normal ration of 24hours.

The weather was so horrendous I welched on taking the poor wee dog out. She felt hard done by. I had buyers up from the Londinium and we were going to be dashing from building to building dodging rain and flying rubbish whilst I tried to make small talk with people I had prejudged as being nothing more than tedious even though I had yet to meet them. Plus I had been invited to lunch to make the experience even more prolonged.

On the way to work the bastard of a car made horrendous noises that resulted in The AA man scratching his head and towing it off to my garage whilst I was left to get to work on the BUS! I had to sit next two very smelly people who needed to be introduced to Mr Soap and Mrs Deodorant. My feckin umbrella decided to play inside-outside-guess- which-way-I-am-gonna- blow as I walked against the wind to get to work. ( OK I know I am coming across as Mrs Princess Pants but like I said it was ONE OF THOSE DAYS. Besisdes if the great unwashed had not chosen to sit next to me it would have been a perfectly fine bus ride. )

I have now had to get one of my colleagues to meet the buyers whilst I tired to tame the hair and get warm. It was whilst in the toilet cubicle that I realised I had my knickers on inside out. This was clearly a sign. A sign that my day was indeed inside out and that if I continued to wear said under garments then the rest of my day would indeed be PANTS!

So I did what any sane slightly superstitious person would do and took them off and righted the wrongly put on under garments. It was a that point that I looked down at my semi naked body, bush, pop socks and saucy red shoes and thought what the feck I am doing? However needless to say the buyers were absolutely lovely, lunch at Harvey Nicks was divine and having no car meant I was free to join them in afternoon of Chablis and fine banter.

I have no idea what the hell is wrong with my car. I have just opened a parking fine notice for a parking fine that I never received. So what other bloody clothing item do I have on the wrong way round?


  1. But I thought that if you had something on inside out by accident then that was a lucky sign.....have I been wrong all these years....whowuddthunkit....ah well..glad you enjoyed your fab lunch etc.,

  2. thanks Libby, maybe I should have kept them on the wrong way out but hey ho. There are some weird and wonderful superstitions out there

  3. Clearly you must have had something on back to front - my mother wouldn't have gone out all day if it happened as it was such bad luck.

  4. Oh no, never change them if you have put them on the wrong way, I was told to leave them else it will bring bad luck!! S x