Monday, 22 November 2010

My life is a roller coaster. I know that but right now it is a bit too much of a one and not much fun at all, save for Hot Date ( and slightly worried the scary shenanigans of my crazy family will scare him off .) So apologies if it's all a bit quiet here at the moment but I need to get my head together and get a grip.

Hopefully everything will be back to normal service soon


  1. Sorry to hear that...just breathe.....and good luck. Will leave the light on for your return...

  2. I thiink there are loads of people feeling like you at the moment. I certainly am.
    In the car this morning I was deep breathing and trying to relax saying Mmmmm to myself.
    MOH was driving by the way
    Keep strong

  3. Crazy families make life interesting. I am so happy for you about Hot Date. Just keep having lots of sex, it'll keep your mind off the mad family. And his

  4. Hang on to that hot date! I am having a stressy time too, butterflies, nerves, tearful menopausal moments, kid with aspergers doing my head in, teenager doing mock exams doing my head in with his late nights, however, I do have my own 'hot date' to help me keep it together so mustn't grumble. Hope yours gets to stay for Christmas and make you very happy. xxx