Tuesday, 26 October 2010

it doesn't take much to become addicted

56 Sage Street

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This is my first ever sponsored post. I am very excited. In fact I got three offers in the same day but this was the one I decided to go with. I don't do computer games, virtual reality and the such but within minutes I was hooked. All I could see was my own two kids as the main character. The trials and tribulations of getting a job, how difficult it is to weigh up the good guys from the not so good guys and the down right bad guys. How do you mange your money in this day age? Someone please give my kids a lesson it's invaluable. The kind people of Barclays have put this together and whilst I am always the sceptic I think I might continue with this afterwards just to see where I end up.

Once you have chosen your character you are dropped quite literally into a rainy night down on your luck  and then what follows is a number of scenarios. Do you wash up pots in the hope that you might get a better job of waiting tables. Do you rush to the first laundrette to wash you clothes not realising a nearby hotel would have done as part of their service charge. Do you do any volunteer work even though it will make you tired for your night shift? I would probably be a fish gutter and walking the streets or maybe just maybe be on my uppers. Actually who am I kidding - I would be working my ass off to get out of such a life and hopefully be soon on my way to the road called success. See, I am addicted already! I will most definitely show it my two kids. It might just help them be a bit more street savvy although he-man thinks he knows it all, been there done that and tried to get mum to buy the T shirt.


have a gander at 56sagestreet - it's useful tool to arm your teenagers with as they head out into the real world and if nothing else they could become aspiring fish gutterers

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