Wednesday, 20 October 2010

crumbs in bed

I am never ill, never ever. I leave that to my sister who garners all the weird stuff from Bells Palsy during pregnancy to Slapped Cheek. I however am never ill. In the last month I have been ill not once but twice. In fact I am being ill right now here in bed. Never a good patient this time I took some well intended advice as I departed work with a drip white face, my ring of fire and an afternoon date with white porcelain. So I went to bed, after having a chat with He-man who was about to go to school.( A chat - good medicine for me that is.) There I stayed, fast asleep, until he careered into my room some four hours later for another chat. Then She-ra arrived home delighted to see my car at home and idles in for a chat."I'm going for a poo and then I'll come sit with you" she announces. OK, too much information but well intended. although I did have to clench buttocks and make concerted effort not to gip when she throws herself back on my bed, bouncing me all over the place and still in her stinky football gear.
Sister of weird illnesses stated she and hers were also ill last week with similar symptoms and that she felt she had something stuck in her stomach all week but she blames mine of kissing boys as hot date dragged his poorly ass over to mine last week and took himself off to my lovely clean sheets to sweat it off. Hm lovely.

Now I have got out of the suit I have collapsed back into bed in, have my pj,s n hoodie on, laptop at the ready, daughter baking for England, son walking dog, both being attentive and having a nice cup of lemon tea.I'm thinking I should be a better patient in future and give into it and not soldier on. I never get any brownie points for it. But right now what I'd really like is something scrumptious to eat but don't think my stomach could, well, stomach it. But can't stop thinking about marmite on toast, coq au vin, chicken noodle soup, thai curry, beans on toast, beef casserole....


  1. Both my kids come in and have a poo straight after school. Are school toilets so bad these days?
    Hope you're feeling better by now.

  2. yes we get that with the rushing in for a poo after school too (it's because if you are silly enough to do it at school people climb up to look ovef the doors at you and maybe even take a quick picture. Well at least yours are well trained in self sufficiency and will be busy baking their dinner - just hope they remember to feed you! maybe you should have the phone to hand (in case you need a takeaway?).... hope you are well soon. xxx

  3. Thanks both for you comments and interesting that you both picked up on the poo comment.....
    Back to work today but I could do with an afternoon nap *yawn

  4. Glad you're feeling better.....and as for the poo thing? kids used to sprint into the loo after school....and my sister only likes to poo in her own home...but very infrequently (needs dyna rod for her bowels...)and I can't believe that I'm typing about poo...only wanted to say 'feel better'...