Thursday, 2 September 2010

No Time To Spare

Thank you to those who drop by my blog. Hopefully you have a read a bit of a chortle and maybe leave me a message or two. All is very welcome.
Inspired by English mum and her lists as I'm not being a brilliant blogger at the moment as I am doing the following:

Worrying - About He-man. He has got into 6th form by the skin of his teeth. He seems to have got his finger firmly pressed on the self destruct button and doesn't know how to stand back form it even though he wants to. He's been given til Christmas by school to get his act together. Clearly they see something in him that he can't. When I finally got to see him this week rather than have a nuclear fall out I reminded him that I am the best friend he will ever have and that includes helping to get through the tough times. I just hope he realises it before it is too late

Rolling eyes - She-ra is a proper stroppy 14y old. Hormones all over the place, Harumping and flouncing one minute all over you the next loving you soooooo much. Oh it's going to be a fun year.

Laughing - I have brilliant mates. We had a get together last weekend now the summer hols are over and it was fab too see them all. I, uncharacteristically, drank water as had HOT DATE. to go to and had to leave them to it. they kept going for some time and some even fell into bed fully clothed -well I never!

Dating - Yep am a luvved up lady at the moment. Pinching myself at my luck and hoping it doesn't run out. Keep reminding myself to take things slowly ( have ignored that,) and enjoy it ( am doing that )

Biting my tongue - Yep Dad is in town and doing his visit in reverse it would seem. Normally he builds up to hacking everyone off after having them all laughing in the aisles before hand. This time he is doing it the other way round. A constant butt of all the family jokes he takes it all in good stride and seems delighted that he has hardly seen any of his family as we are out doing stuff. 2 years on post divorce and it looks we are finally rebuilding are lives and getting our confidence back.

Working - ew. Really need to win that lottery. Am ready for a change to being a lady of leisure.

so tell me what have you been up to lately?


  1. Working, mummying, worrying, I've got an admirer too, pretty similar.

    Oh I'm skint tho, EBD got into uni, costing me a fortune xxx

  2. hello - saw you on smithy's blogroll & liked your name !
    I have two teens too... 17 yr old daughter & 14 yr old son. Still miss the toddler years somehow !

  3. Auntiegwen - Parallel lives yet again. Uni costs a fortune I need a plan to get mine there I think
    Bad Penny - welcome to my blog and thanks for your comment.I get my sisters kids, 6 & 4, to minch and squidge. I think you should get a medal of honour if you get through the teenage wilderness without throttling them