Monday, 13 September 2010

Mad men makes me mad

Mad men. I'm a late comer to this TV show but have been catching up on Series 1 the i-player. Dad loves it,it is his era and remembers it well. Plus he was in advertising so it is even more pertinent. Firstly I love the fashion. I love the pneumatic curves of some of the females stars. I find myself wearing the few shift dresses in my wardrobe and thinking or either making or buying some more.

The smoking! I can't believe how much they all smoke. I am old enough * ahem but only just to remember when people still smoked in offices. Clearly I was a child visiting parents and not actually working in an office myself. But bloody hell they really smoke like bleedin' chimneys.

The drinking! Every deal in the office seems to be conducted over a large glass of Scotch. God if I did that I'd be slurring by lunchtime. How did they do it?

The subservient women. I don't know how they did that either. How did they put up with it. I think about my grandmother and her housewifery, forbidden to ever work again. She spent most of it miserable, chain smoking and plotting ways how to piss off her husband. Thank you forebears for getting us ladies ( supposed ) equal rights.

I'm trying really hard to like Mad Men, after all it has had great reviews and I am doing doubleepisodes per week but it hasn't quite got me. And that Don Draper just pisses me right off. And he has got thin lips.


  1. You're not keen on it then?

    I was like that when Life on Mars started. I too (being of a similar young age to yourself)vaguely remember going to places full of smoke, something I accepted as my Mum smoked so I thought it normal.
    I havent seen Mad Men, maybe I should and see if it makes me mad too.

  2. IO- I'll keep persevering with mad men as can't see much else on the goggle box at the moment that takes my interest.

  3. This caught my attention as my husband LOVES Mad Men and caught onto it the very first episode, whilst I was blogging in the corner!! He goes on about how great it is so much that I, just out of sheer bloody mindedness, refuse to join him on the sofa to watch! He then gives me a complete rundown of what I've missed....grrrr!