Thursday, 23 September 2010

Less Heigh Ho more Doh!

My 16 year old son thinks he is bang on trend. I think he looks like a chav. Maybe if that is the trend he wants to follow then yes, he's bang on trend. If I was to be kinder then I would say that he has followed those height challenged Disney faves the Seven Dwarfs. Like them he loves bright colours, wears his trousers underneath his arse ( Doc I believe ) and sports a hat of a similar fashion. Not only that but he can be any one of them at any time, Doc, Sleepy, Grumpy ( most of the time ), Happy, Dopey ( Doh !), Bashful and Sneezy (it's the cat allergy )

When he was a little boy, actually he was never a little boy he always looked like he was going to be prop forward for England, he always looked reasonably turned out. We sported the usual granny knit jumpers and jeans combo.

The flashing light trainers and cute stuff from GAP or M&S. I am try to pinpoint at what time did this change? When did his trousers work themselves so far down his arse cheeks that you saw more underpant than anything else? When did his shoes become so big that you could smuggle a illegal immigrants in them? When did wearing trackie bots become the norm and no longer the attire he wanted to wear when he went to rugby training? I yearn for the combat shorts and quirky Tee.

The hats have been permanently glued to his head for about 3 years now. He sports a number of different style;. baseball, Davy Crockett, beanie - we have 'em all.

And what is really worrying he seems to be some sort of trend setter at school. Since when did he become that?! My daughter is permanently embarrassed as her friends, male and female, moon over his good looks and attire. "What, she says in disbelief, do they see in that?"

Of course I was NEVER like that. Where the hell will He-man's fashion sense take him, Beach bum look in his 40's?


  1. I bred one of those too, proud aren't we?

  2. Hahahaha, Im there right with you. My seventeen year old is exactly the same. He's like a split pin, all skinny legs so he wears the skinniest of jeans, yep under his arse!
    We suffered the embarrassment of him wearing his beanie in 90 plus degree heat of Florida. Apparently it's because his hair doesnt lie straight without it!
    I did manage to get him out of his trackies by drying them on a high temp so they shrank. The hysteria that followed was worth it just to get rid of them.
    Of course, when I was seventeen, wearing flourescent tights, slashed jeans and an abundance of chains was perfectly normal attire!

  3. Oh he makes me laugh. My nephew is handsome, even though I want to tell him to pull his pants up.

    ... I can't believe he was ever that small ... well not small, but, you know. My chubby cheeked little Fruh Fruh.

    (shhhhhhh, don't tell him I said that)

    ... I'd love to do a siumialr post, but with your 1980's attire and 'death look'.

  4. Mine are exactly the same - arses out, excruciatingly expensive pants on show, hoodies up and hair artfully coiffed. Couple of big tarts.

  5. Auntie Gwen - oh yes very proud. Off he wen to 6th form today in Superdry joggers and a v nice t-shirt that he will wear once before screwing it up,leave on the floor for a week and then put in linen basket
    Irritatingly optimistic - Mine cant wear skinnies cos his thighs are too muscular. He would if could though
    Laura - Don't you DARE put any photos of me as a teenager.
    English Mum - Is it a boy thing this arses out business or does it go back to some sort of primeval baboon-bottom-sticking-it-out-for-the-girls-mating-ritual? Maybe I should do one on She-ra and her zepplins. I tell him to put his trews up and her to pull her top up to under her chin.