Thursday, 30 September 2010

how long will it be?

How long will it be before my gorgeous lovely nephew goes from this....
to this....
sister be warned. This was just a mild stunt. My nephew was eyeing this lot up on Saturday It wont be long before the trousers are down his backside and he's rolling with the big fellas.


  1. Just popping by to introduce myself for dec swap! My 9 month old crawls out of his trousers completely at the mo - do you think the showing off their arse thing goes in cycles??

  2. Lol, I'll go with a couple of weeks. My 7 year old can already drop the bowl, the nipple and grind using a board and skates. He's after a scooter for his birthday in a couple of weeks and says he'll have a proper BMX for Christmas!
    He hasnt quite got the backside thing but wont be seen in anything other than black skinny jeans and high tops.
    Last Christmas he was just a normal kid!

  3. Thanks for that Sister.

    My heart is now in my mouth. I saw these pics via FB a while ago and refused to show the 4 year old. He's already 'as one' with the half pipe.

  4. Chloe - Thanks for dropping by. Trouser levels at 9months are involuntary so it's a case of " oh bless"
    IO- OMG you know all the terminology too - you are so coool. Skinnys at 7 - I predict underpants on full show by 10
    Laura - Nephew wanted my make shift ramp to be higher and took it upon himself to try and build it up before his sister squealed on him

  5. Could you let me have your email so we can sort out swap details?
    It is oh bless for now, at least I know they're not meant to be that way yet.

  6. Wonderful but too dangerous!