Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Food - see the pleasure

The Gallery theme of food this week will no doubt bring lots of fab sexy photos of delish looking offerings that you just want to pop straight into your mouth. Mine however are somewhat different.....
offering 1 & 2 - the drunken snack as favoured by bro-in-law. My son just stays up for the spectacle of the blaspheming, swaying, marmite munching drunkard. All I can hear is " Uncle ! your toast has popped up!" Whilst my sister shrieks " do not swear!" at her husband.

Offering 3 - She-ra. you can see the pleasure as she tucks into the biggest piece of Victoria Sponge cake at a National Trust Caff in Cornwall. Simple pleasures. mine took a more liquid form - see empty glass of rose to the right.


  1. Those first two photos are classics - it's all in the eyes! Did he fall down after that?

    Rose? It's daylight through the window woman!

  2. what a great uncle - every family should have one! anyone who likes marmite is alright by me. I like to eat chocolate eclairs in the car so nobody else knows - so no photos! Betty x

  3. lol...drunken uncles are a great education!

  4. Trish - oh yes the eyes have it. At least he didn't do the middle of the night naked toilet dash like last time

    Mys Yappy Dog - I think everyone has a secret indulgence. I have rather a long list but could wolf down a packet of M&S belgian chocolate covered strawberries without breaking a sweat.

  5. Lol... great photos! Does he like Marmite normally or will he just eat anything when he's drunk lol?

  6. Marmite seems to b the drunken munchie of choice.Have almost identical pic from sisters birthday.