Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Celebration - my arse!

This week's gallery challenge theme is celebration. after haranguing Tara to give me an early insider head start, to no avail, I might add, I thought
I really have to give this a go. I think I have only managed a couple of postings to this excellent idea but life seems to have taken me over recently or should that be I have a life at the moment. Anyway supreme effort has been made to do this posting, I have shouldered past the teens to monopolise the pc at 8pm of an evening for this. Thought you should know just how much effort I really have put in. Here goes...

This was my 40th birthday celebration.

For my 40th birthday I wanted a party at home with my nearest and dearest friends. However, Mr X stood firm and would not let me do it in case it ruined his precious frickin wooden floor. "Think of all those stiletto heels." So I opted for a fancy dress in a local club house. Theme;icon. This photo shows myself as Liza Minelli, Grumps as Victor Meldrew ( I know the likeness is uncanny ), my sister as Magnum pi ( she really does love a moustache, can you see it falling from her mush?) and bro-in-law as Adam Ant. Missing from this photo was Mr Ex. In fact he was missing most of the day preferring to spend it with his head down the toilet fixing something that didn't need fixing. I arrived at the event without him, mingled without him, spent most of the night without him and went home without him. I should have seen it coming really. 1 year and 3 weeks later it was all over. I would like to point out that I did have a good time with my fab friends but it wasn't the evening I had really wanted.

1 year later this was celebration I wanted. Daft quizzes a la Never Mind the Buzzcocks, great food supplied by all and the biggest bottle of red wine I have ever seen. All with my fab friends and family. In my home.With plenty of dancing. Lots of stiletto heels. Lots of chair scraping and all over the frickin wooden floor too. I like a good celebration me.


  1. Please invite me to the next party, youra look ace!!!

  2. Ah that's brilliant. Is it wrong that I find Laura vaguely attractive in her moustache?

  3. Auntie Gwen - Sure thing I would love a blogger get together

    English Mum - That IS wrong. I am beginning to get worried about my sister's moustache obsession. I'm the on with the moustache not her.

  4. I love the story behind the pics! So glad you enjoyed yourself for the second and that you managed lots of scraping! Floors are meant to be lived on and enjoyed! (I know this...we run a wooden flooring company!)

  5. I'm sure I commented on this but it's disappeared. Never mind. I think I said I wanted to come with Aunty Gwen and gate-crash your next party!

  6. Lancastrian friend15 September 2010 at 15:37

    That was a great night and the best team won !!!

  7. Looks great, I love a big party but you should always have the celebration YOU want!

  8. Thank you all for lovely comments. I love a good party and my new home is perfect even if it is a bit smaller.