Monday, 16 August 2010

We both assumed roles; Me ... 'Concerned Mother', her 'Stubborn Teenager'

Hello there, I'm Laura, Mrs Worthington's Sister.

She asked me to bob by and leave you something to read in her absence ... so here you go ...

We both assumed roles; Me ... 'Concerned Mother', her 'Stubborn Teenager'

My Sister's texting makes me laugh. I think she texts blind; Quick fingers, eyes firmly shut.

A text last month went like this;

Late lunch on Sun, 3pm. Can you bring some lids, I'll supply the rest

I was sat with my Dad (Gramps) when we both received this same text. We looked at each other and said 'lids?' at the same time, with the same befuddled look. After a quick phone call, it turns out she wanted us to bring 'puds'.

Of course.

This week she is going camping to Cornwall. We had a phone conversation on Wednesday night about what she should take. We both assumed roles; Me ... 'Concerned Mother', her 'Stubborn Teenager'.

Me "You will be taking a coat won't you?"

Her "Why would I need a coat?"

Me "Durr, what if it rains or it's cold?"

Her "If it rains I will book myself into the nearest B&B"

Me "You HAVE to take a coat"

Her "No, I do not"

Me "I can't believe you are going camping without a coat"

Her "Well I am"

So a day later she sent a text;

Should I take rellies? I don't think I'll have room?

Seriously, is she going a bit mad I thought? Rellies? If she's referring to our family, most are dead and the rest wouldn't spend a night under canvas if you paid them a million pounds. If she's referring to She-Ra and He-Man (her offspring), and simply abandoning them so she can get the dog in the car then I should be calling social services.

Later she rang me "WELLIES! I meant WELLIES!".


So, apparently she's thinking of taking wellies because they'll be handy if she needs to go to the toilet in the middle of the night.

Can I just say that, talking from experience, walking to the toilet block at 3am in your jamas and wellies will be bloody freezing without a coat.

Just saying.


  1. LOL. My texting leaves a bit to be desired too. I remember texting my mum saying something was a bit of a cock up. Instead I'd written 'anal up' - took a bit of explaining.

    So did you take a coat?

  2. Thanks laura for guest posting for me. I did indeed take a coat but only just as the car was bursting with the amount of gubbins we had to take. I never used the coat cos, depsite being older than you, my bladder can make it through the night. There are nodonkeypissmomentsinthemiddleofthenight besides our tent thank you very much. I will be posting about our camping trip soon