Thursday, 5 August 2010


It actually hurts here * tapping chest *. I can feel something. That something is deep down and dirty lust. After dissing the Internet thing first time round I have gone back in there and have had hot pursuit from a younger, rather gorgeous, man. Is it possible to build up such a rapport with someone without ever having met them? We have exchanged over million text messages and emails several times a day and racked a couple of hours on the phone. He's got me hook line and sinker. It's his sense of humour you see - it gets me every time. There is proper roll on the floor laughing, tear down your face, grins from cheek to cheek, you get the picture. So now I am seriously worried about my impending date on Sunday. I have just checked out his piccies again, just to double check. Yup the ol' brain to fanny mechanism is working nicely. Read his emails again. Yes Mrs Moist is back in the room. But what if, when seeing the real live living flesh hot rod, I get the shivers but not in a nice way. And what's even worse is what if he gets the same about me. We are laughing at the moment about the staggering 5 years age difference, me being a mature woman an' all, but what if the reality of paper skin, incontinence, beards and memory loss a real turn off. He may joke about the ideal woman having the body of a 25 y old and the income of a 55y old but what if its true? Argh! I know there are about another 10000 texts and email to go before Sunday. I know that there will be cold feet, on my part, on Sunday too. I also know I could throw caution to the wind and have a bloody good time too. Fingers crossed ..... but not my legs.
Mrs Moist over and out.


  1. Y'know, after reading so many female blogs, it seems to me that, we, as women, are very good at pointing out to ourselves and others, our negatives..or perceived negatives... a sort of 'well I'll laugh about my crows feet/wrinkly hands before they do' sort of thing....and yet I genuinely think that we are constantly shooting ourselves in the foot for drawing attention to things that either are'nt there or are so much a lovely natural part of us that they don't matter...COME ON GIRLS....enough! Mrs W you look gorgeous in your photo, the texts and calls are working and so is the laughing gear and fanny mechanism..gird up your loins, smile and go for it!

  2. Libby - thanks for the words of encouragement quite timely as have now entered the 24h countdown til D day and cold feet-itis has arrived. I need all the girding of loins, smiles and go for it attitude I can muster.

  3. Oooh interesting. Well it's all looking good as far as I'm concerned. The only downside is that he could be a hairy 76 year old stamp collector from Hemel Hempstead, with a skill for photoshop, but hey - I'm sure he's gorgeous.

    Oh wait - 24 hours? You've met him already! What was he like? Beardy? x

  4. English mum - yep date has been and gone. Now rearranged a second one for this week. Hubba Hubba may even get my loins girded this week too. Bring it on!

  5. so pleased for you

    have an orgasm or 3 for me

    oh and email me the name of siad dating site where such men are going spare...


  6. OMG! So delighted it went well. Although slightly concerned about Gramps reading the sordid details :)

  7. English mum - grumps has decided he can't take it any more, I haven't asked gramps. Have dad & step father you see

    Auntie Gwen - I'll email you the address etc