Monday, 23 August 2010

The one where you know should be doing other stuff but hey Sod it!

Right now I should be thinking about cooking tea.
Right now I should have in fact been trawling around IKEA trying to buy a pair of drawers for my son so I can clear the spare bedroom for my fathers arrival on Wednesday.
Right now I should be sorting out the ironing mountain before Wednesday
Right now I should be vacuuming the living daylights out of my house and home which has had an infestation of fleas and tapeworm whilst we have been away - hmm nice.
Right now I should be loading the washing machine up for the nth time.
Right now I should be drawing up a list of all the groceries we have run out of.
Right now I should be chilling with my daughter, hearing about her day.
Right now I should be doing stuff for my son.
Right now I should be tidying up the mayhem of looking after my niece and nephew for the day.
Right now I should stop looking at my mobile phone messages from hot boy and wipe the insanely big grin I have on my face following my hot date on Saturday.

Instead I have found myself checking IKEA online, for said chest of drawers, and before I knew it I was catching up on all the blogs I have missed whilst I have been away. It's like catching up with old friends. Sod all the other things I should be doing right now because right now I am enjoying getting up to speed with it all.


  1. Good for you!Procrastination is Everything!Hope you had a good break and lucky old you on your Hot Date!I find that delegation is also everything!

  2. So? hotdate boy?? how did it go? or are you keeping quiet?........anyway blogging is better that housework sometimes...

  3. Did you check mine? It's rather good.

    Libby's right, TELL US ABOUT THE MAN!!!

  4. Fess up, we only want to hear about Hot Boy, I am hoping it's a different Hot Boy to the one who's dating my daughter though!!!

  5. I've just dropped by (doing a little procrastinating myself)and I'm now interested in 'hotboy' info too...I've even become a follower!
    Jille x

  6. Ok Ladies it is clear that you are wanting, nay gagging, for more information about my own Hot Boy ( not AuntieGwens' - that would be wrong )

    I shall have to do a posting.....sometime soonish.... When I come down from cloud 9, find my knickers and put my sensible head back on

  7. Love your blog! You should DEF pop over to www.mummyslittlemonkey and list yourself on my 'Blow Your Own Blog-Horn' post. The Blog Swap starts fresh at the end of each week x