Saturday, 31 July 2010

What's it all about?

When I first decided to started blogging I was inspired by my sister's blog and felt a need to let others know about how to handle divorce, separation in what were quite singular circumstance. I didn't want anyone else to go through what I went through. But then I forgot about my original reason and kind of got into it. Dipping into others blogs I started to feel a real sense of community and in some instances parallel lives. A conversation with my father the other day made me think about my blogging content as he had a rant about the whole Big Brother ( not the TV programme ) somoeone is watching you, they know what you are doing etc.
but Dad, I pointed out, do you really think the CIA are going to be interested in my lady parts, terrible teens and desperate state of my love life?. Point taken daughter. But it did get me thinking particularly in light of my postings. Maybe I should start writing about controversial subjects, as I listen to Radio 4 and scann the weekend papers there is often inspiration and thought I could start a conflab on the French banning the Niqab or who still cares about Jill Dando after all there is plenty to be contentious about.
I have enjoyed blogging about my life with teenagers, dog and life in general. Maybe I need to reign it in on the dating game though. Wearing my love life on my virtual sleeve has brought some real thoughts of kindness but sometimes I think the comedy tone has been missed by dear readers. I mean c'mon, my most recent outing was with a 5'6" had a hard-paper-round bloke.
She-ra has asked me not to divulge the nature of my divorce so I won't. But I would like to put the record straight that I am not some divorcee gagging for it, desperate for any man (ok well maybe a little gagging ) but 2.5+ years post separation the pickings have been bare and window shopping disappointing. My barrister said that within a year all divorcees are hooked up with a most wonderful person and live happily ever after and her husband, a divorce lawyer, bets all his clients a £5 to prove it and he hasn't won a bet yet ( a part from the ugly one she said ). Well I have 10 days left until my 1 year divorce anniversary to find the love of my life and to be swept off my feet. Guess I am the statistics that bucks the trend - well wouldn't you belive it.


  1. I'm 4 years post separation but I did meet someone within a year and we would have married but my son and elder daughter were so traumatised by it I left him.

    Thought I was doing the right thing putting their happiness above my own.

    That was a good plan wasn't it? x

  2. Oh Auntie Gwen - I would probably do the same. mothers are always putting others first, or at least some do anyway. I have gone back to internet dating site and am determined to give it a go and get over my phobia. Care to join me?

  3. We all seem beset with blogging crises from time to time. Just why are we doing it? I recently had my own "blogger's midlife crisis"

    So, do like me, dust yourself and get on with it. I thoroughly enjoy your writing.

  4. I get the CIA rave every now and again from my Englishman (so I'm kind of amazed that he's given me the green light to write our story...!!) and I almost dropped dead when I found the FBI reading my blog recently!! FFS!!!! Hang in there hun. I too have the blogging crisis, and certainly had the divorce/man crisis as well. I didn't met my husband until I'd been separated for two years. :-) If you ever want to guest post on mine you'd be very welcome. Sometimes the freedom to blog elsewhere can open up the creative flow....Vxx

  5. Marketing to milk - read your post and quite agree. Maybe its the anonymity that makes us brave for putting "it" out there. But it is precisely that that is the uniting factor.

    Vegemitevix. I remember now you saying you had a FBI visit. Thanks for the offer of guest posting and likewise. Anytime.

  6. As a 'married' I sometimes feel that I have no right to comment with regard to dating or a single life.....but I do know that the person I imagine speaking when I read your blog would be a wonderful addition to anybodys life as a friend or lover or partner or and Auntiegwen are fab and funny ... and if I were single I would do the internet thing, but also remember that destiny is at work...

  7. Libby - thanks for the vote of confidence. Doing the internet thing is easier said than done.It takes a lot of courage and sometimes after doing all the other things you do, courage falls to the bottom of the list. Saying that i am currently exchanging textx and emails with a Hubba hubba! I'll keep you posted.