Monday, 5 July 2010

Innit though

A conversation with a teenage girl with attitude. Picture the hair in the ruffled pony tail, industrial strength eyeliner and mascara, fuggs.
Me " Tea will be ready in a few minutes"
She-ra " I want lasagne"
Me " We're having moussaka"
She-ra " But I want lasagne"
Me " We are having moussaka that I cooked last night but you two didn't eat"
She-ra " I thought it was lasagne"
Me " Well I suppose it looks a bit like lasgane. It has similar ingredients.It's Greek"
She-ra " Well what's in it then?" I have to be careful here as I once did moussaka with aubergine layers instead of potato. Tthe looks from the pair of them was if I had layered the dish with slugs. I hoped she hadn't remembered.
Me " Well it's like lasagne but instead of pasta you have thinly sliced potato"
She-ra, harrumphing now, "Well, why don't you call it potato lasagne then?!"
Me " Because it is called MOUS_FRICKIN_SSAKKAAKAAKAA! Actually I just said Moussaka.
She-ra exit stage left, flouncing!


  1. Loved this! So... it doesn't get an better then? this pretty much describes my 5 year old daughters attitude already. Heaven help me! x

  2. Well done on not shouting 'there's the fridge, there's the cooker YOU do dinner'....or is it just me that used to do that?

  3. Fourtynotout - 5 going on 15 in your house then? She-ra is pretty good most of the time and no way near as bad as her peers nevertheless....
    Libby - ah so you heard the " well you can make it yourself" comment then? as I harumphed out of the room. So who's the teenager now then I wonder

  4. I thought Moussaka did have slugs, erm, I mean aubergine in it...

    I would have eaten it. In fact, I'll eat anything that i didn't actually have to cook! x