Monday, 5 July 2010

Here come the Girls - The Gallery

So the Gallery theme this week is holidays. . drop by sticky fingers and see what holidays grab your attention. . Only these days there aren't that many of them; the one time we get to go away and we are not staying at friends is now fraught with stress trying to accommodate everyone needs just so the 3 of us can get away together. This year it's camping in Cornwall. A first for us all and I am truly looking forward to it even though it is with more or less complete strangers and I am a ickle bit worried on my lacking of camping experience ( zero ) + with my extreme lack of common sense = potential disaster. Although it could provide good blogging material, me just suddenly thinks.

So for my holiday theme I have gone for the ladies in my life. We opted a few years ago to do a group trip to Barcelona. 40th birthdays being the main excuse, ahem reason, for celebration. But then we have kept on going. So far we have clocked up Barcelona, Nice, Palma, Alicante, Amsterdam and this year is the turn of Montpelier. I have brilliant memories of each and everyone. We all have roles to play; the restuarant finder, the map reader, the trasnslator, the kitty keeper etc The common denominator is: it must be self catering - to allow for late nights, late mornings, our noisy chatter, our need for food and chilled fizz. The destination must have a mix of shopping, culture and good food and be a short haul away. Oh and the bathroom : girlfriend ratio is very important too.

Barcelona memories - experiencing an unseasonable cold spell at end of April we took the coldest open top bus ride, being told be quiet ( a lot ) and fantastic tapas. Late night chats. 2 friends sharing a double bed in a room that opened out into the kitchen where they would hold court during breakfast. We chilled in the Park Guell and shoe-aholics amongst us were in heaven.

Nice - not getting into our apartment on our first night and then getting drunk before we had even got in there. The Issy Miyake room freshener or rather one broken bottle of, that made everyone rooms smell gorgeous.The wonderful markets and a bloody big hill, a trip to Monaco where I taught the girls how to play celebrity look a like in a harbour side restaurant. We howled with laughter and not a single drop of alcohol was consumed as all too hung over from day before. The beggar tat mirror bought as a gift by VGF2 husband. (I don't think he buys her anything anymore after that incident)

Palma - a particular fave of mine and I would love to go back. The big boobies at the Art gallery, the apartment with the minge mirror. The Arab garden & baths with the really strong smell of jasmine, the lovely little shops down winding alleyways, the bar with the piles of rotten fruit on the floor as frequented by the Beckhams ( the memory of the smell made me want to hurl. )

Alicante- The year of Alicante was the year my marriage fell apart, the pound fell out the bottom of my wallet and I opted not to go. My friends were having none of it and between them clubbed together for my flight and spending money. I remember fiestas with parading camels, a sailing competition, Alicante train station. Discovering a fantastic Moroccan restaurant where the owner declared she was the menu and invented something on the spot. A lot of rose and inventing super hero powers for us all, I think I was orgasm woman ( don't ask ) and laughing about our respective powers till the tears dried up.

Amsterdam - I know Amsterdam pretty well having been on many a holiday with my ex. In fact we had been there less than week before D-Day. I remember walking into the bar in the park and suddenly being overcome with memories of last time in there and by everything I had lost in the space of two years. A beer, a hug and a dapper Dutch City Silver Fox chatting to us brought me back to my senses and I have lovely memories to take over from the bad ones. I had wanted to come here and stay in a dutch canalside house for as long as I can remember and who better to do it with than the girls. What we didn't realise was that the stairs were so steep up to our room that this would cause major inconvenience during the night when wanting to go for a pee. The house was fab in a swanky area with the most bleedin' expensive cheese shop ever. Riding the bicycles round the Vondel park fabber still and an evening at my favourite Indonenisan restaurant Sama Sebo even fabber( you have to be a local to know a bout this one but is always heaving. ) In fact we seemed to cause quite a stir with the staff who couldn't understand how we knew about the place and took great fun in playing with us. This could only be topped by an evening in the following day where we played Vic Reeves club singer but what was sung in the room stayed in the room. I think it was wet gussets all round that night. By the end of the weekend we all wanted to give up our lives back home, work in a coffee shop and ride a bicycle all day.

This year is Montpelier but I have already declared that I will not be joining them one this one. I thought I might have been able to scrape the funds together but my car had other ideas and it needed fixing. Plus I would really like to get away somewhere warm with the kids as I am mindful of the fact that there probably wont be many more family holidays as He-man is flexing his independence. Still I know there will be more Girls weekends away and there are plenty more destinations waiting to be discovered. In the meantime any Dutch gentleman looking for a date look no further. Two taps of my clogs and I'll be there faster than the turn of a windmill.


  1. How lovely to have such good friends - friends that will even pay your ticket as it wouldn't be fun without you! Hope there will be many more happy times ahead. xxx

  2. How lovely to have such a great bunch of friends. Sounds like you have a wonderful time, and what a treat to have such a constant in your life. Great photos too!

  3. What a fantastic group of friends!

    I'm probably going to regret asking this, but .... minge mirror?!!!!

  4. Great pictures and lovely friends! And great boobs too!

  5. Looks like you had an amazing time, lucky you with your friends:) Jen

  6. Thanks All for the "great friends" commendations, I am truly blessed. Minge mirror was at Palma. There was a mirror in the bathroom at a strange height. You guessed it "that" height hence the name.. How how we laughed.