Sunday, 18 July 2010

Gissa Job

The stresses and strains of gcse's have passed and we are now in holiday mode. Although in our household you would be hard pressed to tell the difference between the two. Everyday, I am told, is one to be enjoyed and must not be spoilt by me making demands such as taking the dog for a walk, any other job I may think of, restricting the time for coming home at night ( he goes at 9 or 10pm ), and getting a job. Then he suddenly metamorprhed into job hunter. The CV dusted down had lain waiting. Then one day I returned home and all 20 copies had gone, they had been distributed round various city centre establishments along with every other recently graduated teenager waiting of gcse results and realising money is much sought after accessory for said holiday.

I had already registered He-man at the job agency at the university where I work. The pay is good and working graduations is hard work. It might only be a week or so of work but they are long hard days and he is working. Some of my friends kids have either always had a job or are really struggling to find gainful employment. If he is lucky he might be able to wangle a few more shifts most likely in the food court or kitchen. He has been working his charms on the 20+ brigade so I am sure it hasn't gone a miss.

On Saturday night having worked 4 days til 7 at night he declared he was ready to party with his new friends from work, in the heart of student-ville. I was concerned. I hadn't bargained for the " new friends" scenario. I am only just getting to know his high school friends who have been kept at arms length until recently. I voiced my concern but in a cool play it down kind of way. He then opted to hang with old friends more local although it was still a late night.

To get paid he has a final stumbling block; getting bank account. I have left the requisite documents out for him to take to the local branch for sometime. The passport ID has now expired and he needs me to find the birth certificate. Am I bovvered? Well he certainly isn't but he knows he has to get it done before the 31st July or else he doesn't get paid. I am guessing this is the date he will do it. I'd love to be proved wrong and I am making a solemn vow to myself not to remind him to do it. He has spent the money several times over in his head on his forthcoming inaugural festival trip. A rite of passage that seems costs a wad. I hope this little foray into the world of employment will help teach him an appreciation of a hard earned quid. In the meantime " mum can you lend me some money?" I am keeping tabs....


  1. Hope He-man gets some more work and spends his money wisely. We have the same urgency to earn income in our house with 15 and 11 year olds - prospects are obviously limited but they are willing workers. Oldest is going to our friends hand car wash to learn the job - maybe they will invite him back if he works hard.

  2. My two worked in hotel or cafe kitchens during holiday breaks and they survived relatively unscathed and with a bit more savvy about money and where it comes from. Good on all your kids who want to go out there and earn their own dosh....a credit to all you hard-working Mummies (and Daddies!..well some of them anyway!).

  3. Tell me about it ... your niece? The one who was dropped off by you in the village for the passport? Well, 20 minutes later I had to drive up and help her to get her photos done after the machine ate her first 5 golden coins.

    She's also decided she's not going to on the school trip to Morocco next year ... she couldn't possible save up money.

  4. Mrs Yappy Dog - Fingers crossed for eldest. maybe you'll get a free car clean out of it too
    Nana Go-Go - sounds like a good line of work to me, kitchens etc - hard work too on your feet all day
    Laura - I knew I should have stayed with her but I thought it was a relatively simple task. Oh well

    One of the older and regular members of the bridage came up to me today and said " I didn't realise you were He-mans mum. He's so lovely and polite and helpful " I was so proud. He came home at 830 looking absolutely shattered and crawled off to bed at 9. ah