Monday, 28 June 2010

Two buses at once!

Bleddin' typical! I had already resolved not to renew my membership dating Internet shenanigans when on the last day ( today in fact ) I get 2 messages. Both from nice guys, one in particular. So I have replied because I was brought up a good girl and have been totally honest with them. Well as honest as I could be; I didn't think now was the time to talk about thrush and my moustache. Do I renew my membership? Well actually no because I am too busy for the effort a relationship might take. However do I give out my email address? Well I have - to one of them anyway.

Meanwhile OTE and I went out for a coffee the other day and it was rather lovely. He may even come to my housewarming on Saturday. Though I will be amazed if he does. Unfortunately the Brain to Fanny mechanism didn't kick in and I was back to being Mrs Moist by the time I reached the bottom of my coffee cup!


  1. Who is Brian? *COUGH*

    Am looking forward to your house warming and expecting an email about the internet shenanigans men forthwith.

  2. Oh this could get complicated!

  3. Ew Brian? No offence to anyone called Brian but the one I know makes my skin crawl and not in a god way. I have now duly changed typo.

  4. Well, OTE might have his uses xxx