Sunday, 13 June 2010

twitter ye not

I have new phone. High technology that He-man feels is really wasted on me, particularly since his has just given up the ghost , and I should just hand it over to a more worthy recipient. But I have persevered and am now on line, mapped up, and getting to grips with twitter. So if you want to follow my 140 words on rambling go to mme worthington and sign up. Don't judge my most recent tweet as typical standard as am suffering from an untypical hangover which needs feeding; almond croissant, coffee, banana, nectarine, star bar, coke, ibuprofen and 2 slices thickly buttered toast. It's wasn't quantity but mixing my drinks. When will I learn?

Which brings me onto Hangover Cures. What works for you? Abstinence? In my youth it would have been a Big Mac and coke, worked every time. As I got older either my capacity increased, I realised how awful MacDonalds are, or I had just grown used to them and didn't really suffer. I went through a spell of Red Bull being the best antidote especially if consumption had been combined with a very late night. Hair of the dog was also a typical cure in my younger days per children.Latterly chocolate and coke do the trick. As I drifted in and out of sleep this morning aware that at some point I had to take She-ra to be at one with the hosses I thought A) never again ( how often have I thought that ) B ) what did I do that was different C) when will I learn ( never clearly ) D ) maybe I should give up alcohol all together. Spirits wouldn't be a problem despite a Renaissance in GnT but that chilled glass of rose on a warm summers evening, or the cold beer on a Friday night after work or that meaty red that goes so well with your food. Nah I just couldn't give that up. So in different parts of the North my sister & I spoke this morning she too suffering from a combo of late night and too much gin and the dilemma of what was going to nail that wobbly sweaty thumping head feeling. As penance I went to the bottle bank with the last 3 month's worth and was pleased that there seemed to be more empty nutella and jam jars than wine bottles. So what's your cure, please do tell?


  1. I've had this deliberation with myself this week too. Hangover cures - went for a jog (almost died) and that encouraged the emptying of sick stomach, which is always a good thing! Personally I like vegemite on toast as a hangover cure, gets in the salts and vit b. My theory for avoidance stems from not mixing drinks - esp if one of the drinks is two years past it's BB Baileys! EEEEEEEEW

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