Thursday, 24 June 2010

High Waisted Trousers & Shiny Shoes

This is where I get gushy. No I have not met some gorgeous hunk "ont tinterweb" who meets the "criteria" but have just deposited my son at his mates house pre prom. Since his exams finished a week ago we have slowly, each day, lost a bit of Kevin the teenager and instead been He-man the humorous, happy to help always free for a chat and a hug. He is the cheekiest-push-your-buttons-till-it-hurts-boy I know but he's my boy and right now I am very proud that we have managed to get through the exams without killing each other. That will be on results day. In the meantime here's my boy in a pair of normal trousers, no crotch round his knees, no underpants showing and clean shiny shoes....and v proud mum.


  1. Oooooooooooooooh.... yer man's lookin' fly.

    Erm *cough* I mean he scrubs up very well.

    Oh, I mean...

    Never mind.

  2. I should take a photos when he comes home. Less fly more ew? methinks

  3. WOW he looks amazing. Did you have the discussion on the way to the prom as I had with mine? Sex Education and Parenting Teens - on the blog. Thank God Son's finished too and is slowly becoming less fretful and more sanguine. So...the t'internet dating? How's it going? x

  4. I am filling up here with proud Auntie tears.

    He is such a handsome chap.

    I shall tell him so on Sunday when he is back in his low hanging garb and he will look at me with that look.

  5. Such a great feeling watching our teens grow up and step out into the world is'nt it? bittersweet though.

  6. What a gorgeous young lad, you must be so proud but also you're not so bad yourself! infact, exactly as I pictured you definitely not broken biscuits, I have you down as a jammy dodger - somebody out there is going to snap you up soon I am sure and your son too! My youngest is going through Kevin (age 11!) and teenage boy is now teenage man - keeps telling me off for being silly or inappropriate - he will be married with 10 kids before his 16th I think.

  7. My, doesn't he look handsome and smart. And you so proud!
    So I can look forward to extra cuddles as he mine comes out of the teen years??? Mine is 14 and I can't get near him!

  8. Thanks for the warm words. A few days on and he is still in party mode and it's wearing a bit thin. Meanwhile I am lining him up for summer jobs preferably in Ted Baker so I can get discounts