Friday, 4 June 2010

He-man speak

I was not sure what to expect this week being just the two of us, three including the rabbit scaring dog. Would it be more grunting? Would I even see him? What about the revision? Would we eat together? well I have been more than pleasantly surprised.

First he left a lovely note on our notice board for his sister to read before she left for Spain. She was touched.

He was disappointed to find out I was gong to be at work early every day.

He has done loads of jobs without it being a major argument or any argument in fact.

He has missed me when I'm not there.

I have had more impromptu bear hugs ( my ribs are still a bit sore but hey ) than I care to remember.

The place I least like to go, Ikea, was an absolute joy with him as we looked for inspiration on the cheap and came to agreements on which furniture to buy him.

We even went Prom suit shopping today and that was cool too. It was so touching seeing him get measured up. 40" chest - that'll be the rugby!

Revisionwise I still think he in secret training to become a circus clown performing on his very small BMX given the amount of time he spends on it at the park. He even has the ridiculously large shoes and baggy trousers so he could supply his own outfit. I still would prefer to see him putting in more effort and I am not convinced that he uses appropriate revision techniques but only time will tell. But more importantly however we managed more than one civil conversation. I just have to stop there, get this, I used the word CONVERSATION and He-man in the same sentence! Can you believe he can talk as well as grunt!. Any conversation normally guaranteed to cause fireworks was about his education, so I listened to how he felt his exams had gone so far, what he expected the outcome to be and how delighted he was that A level Spanish is back on for 6th form to which he most looking forward.

We have dined on our favourite food such as steak and blue cheese sauce and curry.

Yes we still have a couple of days to go and it could all go tits up but we have had several days of pleasantness and I for one have really enjoyed his company. The pic is of a by gone era when I think he was 4 and she 3. An age when you make all the decisions and can tuck them up in bed at night way before you climb the wooden hill. I think its the other way round these days.


  1. Oh lovely to read what a great week you had. Looks like He-man has discovered conversations are not confrontations and that his mum is also his friend. congratulations!

  2. Aawh, that is so sweet, just enjoy every moment.

    I have gone completely mental and have scared my children into hiding xxx

    Please can i come live in your shed?

  3. How lovely times spent like that are....enjoying each others company...are'nt we blessed to have children.

  4. ...And long may it continue. I shall just have to remember these times when we hit our next rock bottom. It has just been lovely to have my boy back.

    Shed available any time but I am intrigued what Auntie Gwen has done to scare them?

  5. What a lovely post. Isn't it fab when you see these glimpses of loveliness in amongst the grunting? And what a gorgeous photo too xx

  6. I always find i get on with one of mine so much better when the other one isnt there. I suspect this is because they dont have to compete for my attention by misbehaving, or in he-mans case slouching around and grunting.

    What a pleasure for you.....:-)

  7. Pleasure short lived, back to grunting. Am not sure whetehr it is return of the she-ra of back to school for remainder of gcse's or a combo of both.