Monday, 21 June 2010

The Gallery - Creatures

At last a Gallery I can have a go at. Well try anyway.
Creatures is a challenging title and I could have gone all exotic but the creature I love most is...the dog and more dogs.
Winnie, Winston,Tessa, Coco and Lola. Hamsters and more hamsters, Wilma, Andy ( the biggest bollocks EVER) and Buster, numerous gold fish and one fork tongued cat. I am chief dog turd collector ( I should get lapel pin ) and can even say that my preferred dog turd collecting weather is either very hot, ie baked or frosty, ie frozen. Soggy, ew, no way but duty bounds. Last night we had the unusual experience of the clinker and I just couldn't go there. I have good bagging technique too. Whilst the black beast is well trained I wish she was as obedient as her cousin, although fortunately she doesn't crotch sniff like the brown bear. I am trying to stop her over feistiness with other dogs; she likes to be top dog. I can go just about anywhere with her without being on a leash, including running. Everyday is a groundhog day and she bounds down the stairs with such excitement despite being left whilst we are all out working or at school. They say dogs take after their owners.....? What am I saying here?

I am sure as the teenagers get older I will be left with just a dog for comfort or maybe these other creatures will do instead?


  1. Lol at the last photo, a great one to have:) Jen

  2. I'm chief dog turd collector too. Sigh. Love the photos!

  3. Cough splutter, I'm struggling to get past the 'biggest bollocks ever'. I'm assuming Andy is a dog?

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  5. Please tell me Andy is a dog and not a goldfish!?!

  6. I think my niece was so enamoured with my husband, her uncle that she named it after him. My Andy was really proud ... big bollocks aside.

  7. The Hamster aka as ANDY, he of such huge testicules that it hurt to run on his wheel was indeed named after She-ra's uncle. Is there something he would like to share?

  8. I just dream of being chief dog turd collector, still working on the family to acquire that dog and they aren't having it. Even tried holding somebody elses hostage last week, but the dog warden took him back home. So my creature is the cat, who we have just realised has moulted continuously for three years so possibly is suffering from hair loss due to stress?

  9. Laughed my head off about the lapel pin :) I really think you should get one that says that! It would be a good conversation starter in the grocery store : )