Saturday, 29 May 2010

She-ra has gone off on her school trip and I will be without my right hand woman for over a week. I am really going to miss her but will be decorating her bedroom to her strict criteria ( christ I Hope I dont get it wrong ) whilst she's away. So that leaves me with .... The dog. Easy peasy. And He-man. Shitty gitty. He is dreadfully tired from the gcse's. That makes for a pleasant blend of foulness and bad temperedness with an occasional dash of loveliness. I would like to say that the tiredness is from dedicated revision but I think it is it the constant peddling back and forth to the skate park at record speeds. He is either a genius hiding it under a bushell or crazy deluded fool. I forecast a sudden bout of extreme pleasantness during the next week when he realises we have to go shopping for prom suit, possibly booking some extravagant mode of transport to get to said prom and that underneath all that testosterone is a really kind and sensitive lad who knows his mum is going to miss his little sister and just wants him to do well.

On another note my sister finally sorted out my reference for dating site and I'm "live". I am so freaked out about it I haven't been able to look for a week.


  1. Well I have to say I wasn't exactly encouraged by her tweets about this website - there appeared to have been rather a lot of weirdos on it. I need you to find someone wonderful and then tell us all about it... that's only 'cos I'm nosey though xx

  2. Oh go and look, my friend is having the time of her life dating. And like English Mum, please tell me too, I have no life, I just live vicariously through others :) xxx

  3. I would stick with the dog, he's kind, loyal and faithful and appreciates a good meal (just like the perfect husband)

  4. english mum - what wierdos?! Oh no this further compounds the feeling that I HAVE DONE THE WRONG THING
    Auntie Gwen - I hear that lots of people have a great time doing it I just don't see myself as one of those people. I'm old school you see
    Mrs Yappy Dog - I keep telling you she's a bitch and that's a whole different ball game.

  5. I hope you get the room right! :)
    And shopping for prom suit would be fun. You'll get to enjoy the kind and sensitive side of your lad for a while! :)

    I like your blog! :)