Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Did I tell you I was related to Royalty?

By rights I should be still unpacking but this blog has brewing over the last few blogless days. About 5 years ago Susannah Constantine turned to me and said " I didn't know you were related to Prince William?" Neither did I. But when I turned to look at my sister in her red dog walking jacket, nay make up and short blond hair I could see where she was coming from. Laura & I had made it through to the final 5 for "What not to wear" with Trinny & Susannah. It was a special edition on sisters. They needed a glam one and one in need of a makeover. We were perfect candidates. No guessing which one I was. In a rather bizarre trip to London Docklands, in a state of the art empty office block, we met the other sisters. As we approached the venue more and more sisters got on to the tube all looking quite similar in a glam/dowdy kinda way. It was all a bit surreal like we were in some sort of sci fi film. Fellow travellers were looking strangely on at this group of similar looking co -travellers.

My sister had asked both myself and her husband to nominate her, lured by the need to win a wardrobe of new clothes ( and also the desire not to look like Prince William.) We must have put a good bid in as we got shortlisted. I'm glad we didn't get through though as having seen the finished article it was a bit boo hoo poor me and all the researchers kept saying to us was" talk about the death of your mother" as the reason for Laura basically dressing like our Dad. Still it was a good giggle and she can always get a second income as a lookalike. You can admire her here in all her moustached glory as she works the Magnum pi look. Or is that Borat? That's a wig by the way or put another way how Prince William would look if he grew a moustache and had dark hair.


  1. You bugger ... but I can see the likeness in that first picture

  2. Every time I see that pic it just cracks me up. It's not even L that makes me howl, it's Andy. Classic!! Is that first pic Laura or Prince William, by the way? x

  3. Hehehehee!

    The 'tache picture is immense!


  4. Ooh, I want to be Gokked but the weans'd be mortified.

  5. That is a truly cruel post from a loving sister. It is marvellous. Laura rocks a tache like no other woman I know.

    Did T & S grab your bosoms? Could they find Laura's under her coat?

  6. Laura - you love it and the moustaches thing is becoming into a proper obsession
    English Mum - there were 2 Adam Ants that night. At least Andy had the sense not to use tippex for the white stripes.
    Insomniac mummy - She loves a tache my sister
    Auntie Gwen - you mean you don't fancy being naked on TV?
    Audrey - At least Laura has to stick on a tache whereas I could grow my own. T&S didn't do any bob grabbing. Let's face it Laura's coat was big but not that big