Friday, 2 April 2010

We are sat waiting for He-man to come out of the bathroom so we can hit the road and join my sister en route to Scottish BFF for a weekend of laughter and most importantly egg rolling.

I should have packed last night but recent experience has taught me that to do this when EXTREMELY tired is not a good idea. Last night was devoted to buying things for the Easter weekend. This seemed to mainly constitute wine, coke,and crisps and more wine, wasabi peas ( my current addiction ) and Irn Bru ( given we are going to Scotland this is a coals to Newcastle scenario re the Irn Bru.)

This morning has involved scaling the mountain of ironing to find suitable clothing for our long weekend away then ironing said garments, eating too many croissants, tidying up my lady garden as going to a water park, applying fake tan as look hideously pale akin to lumpy porridge, packing car, packing bags, hiding the vast chocolate egg mountain in boot of car, coping with neurotic dog who stresses every time she sees a suitcase. ( god knows why she stresses as she usually goes to a mates house where she is spoilt rotten if she doesn't join us )

I have then spent a frantic hour looking for the bleedin' trophy as She-ra is currently reigning champion. I can only find the hastily made cardboard one from last year that Scottish BFF made when experiencing a similar scenario. I will have to face a group of very serious egg rollers to explain my misdemeanour.

So when He-man finally leaves the bathroom ,1.5 hours so far ( what does he do in there - on second thoughts don't tell me I know ), we can set off for our long journey. Hoots mon!


  1. ...and hopefully OTE will be missing you already. Have a great time! Absence makes the heart grow fonder and all that - is that you in the pic? you don't look stressy enough? and no fettish shoes?

  2. Pic is of She-ra, my body double, and Scottish BFF who is currently playing host to 5 adults, 3 teens and 4 wee ones. All in aid Egg rolling which we take very seriously. Have a lovely Easter