Sunday, 11 April 2010


I am a late comer to pottering. Post separation I have come to treasure it though. My time, my life, my own speed dial that I can turn up or down when I want to. School holidays used to always involve a trip somewhere or holiday of some sort. That usually meant some sort of mad packing and on reflection was quite stressful. Now that the coffers are practically bare I can just afford my own back yard and actually this is the place I'd rather be. Given that I am currently on annual leave counting the days until next pay day today has been spent doing following:

Waking up with Andrew Marr- not literally of course but it help me keep my finger on the button

Followed by Tim Lovejoy in Something for the Weekend ( no Louise today ). I find him strangely attractive - this is done whilst getting breakfast together for myself only

Breakfast in bed

Went for a run with the dog when it was too hot to really do so. Result one very red face.

Pampering session in the bathroom.

Back for lunch- papers, washing out washing in

Chit Chat with She-ra ( He-man was out partying last night so not back til later )

Baked a chocolate cake

Finally managed to track down some Leeds Fest tickets for He-man after our recent scamming debacle

Scaled the ironing mountain

Cracked open a bottle of white whilst I amassed dinner.

He-man returns and tells me about his night. In far more detail than usual.

The sun is still shining just, supper is nearly ready and all that follows is a Dog walk and chill out with the kids.

Hmmmm - quietly contented. What did you today?

(Actually if someone offered me a holiday in sunnier climes I would probably bite their arm off but would still potter rather than manic sight see.)

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  1. we had a lovely day out in Brighton and I whinged most of the time about my achey leg which is still not better - we did have a lovely time lying on the pebbles in our hoodies and having looked at many up market restaurants, got so blooming hungry we ended up in burger king! I just love being on the beach and in The Lanes there and youngest does too - oldest found the whole thing mega boring!