Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Help! I need somebody

I have just registered with a dating site. I then looked at said dating site of possible matches. I am now on my third glass of wine and feeling rather tipsy. It is bleak out there. I am a failure when it comes to men.
I also have one missed phone call from OTE. I have managed to refrain from replying for 2 hours. My will is diminishing in proportion to the wine consumption. No doubt I will return his phone call when a bit more doo lally and find myself agreeing to another episode of Inspector Frost.


  1. I would put the phone somewhere inconvenient like the car so that if your will power weakens you won't be able to walk in a straight line to retrieve it after the next glass of wine... after a few more glasses of wine the offerings on that website might look even better - good luck!

  2. Thanks for the advice. I resisted to call and feel very pleased with myself. I just need to get through today and I may have cracked it.

  3. Never do the drunken dialling. I will own up for my drunken flirty texting though. And look where it got me, learn your lesson my girl :) xxx

  4. AG - No drunken dialing or texting, in fact I ignored his phonecall for 3 days! I am very proud of myself. However I have gone out on a lunch date today with him and despite my sister's misgivings he was actually very funny. You could tell he fancied a bit of mid afternoon hanky panky but just couldn't bring himself to ask. Bless. I felt quite smug as I walked away.