Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Easter Refrain

Just come back from a most enjoyable stay in Scotland. I have learnt the following

  1. I drive fast and slow. Got there in under predicted time despite all the bloody caravans en route.

  2. We are a family of ipods

  3. My son makes me laugh so much - it's like having Will Smith, Jim Carey and Will Ferrel in one

  4. When you are 5 years old there are never enough sequins

  5. Scottish BFF her partner are the best ever hosts

  6. My sister is still wonderful

  7. so is her other 'alf

  8. SFF's youngest nearly got smuggled into a suitcase to come home

  9. I might be nearing the End of Horrible Teenage Hormones with He-man

  10. I am just starting with Horrible Teenage Hormones with She-ra

  11. Egg rolling is still very serious business

  12. I can sleep very well when aided by copious amounts of wine

  13. My lips still turn purple when doing above

  14. We drank more than 10 green bottles

  15. My brother in law is very funny when pissed

  16. I can't play who's am I for toffee (but laugh about every minute )

  17. I am addicted to Bananagrams

  18. The 4 year old needs to gets his grommits sorted asap before he has anymore accidents

  19. A&E on a Easter Sunday morning is pretty quiet when you need to get your head glued

  20. 5 year old girls love to play beauty salons

  21. I don't suit orange lipstick
  22. My finger nails are still all glittery from 16 - great for business meetings

  23. Don't get lip gloss in your eye

  24. Beauty Salon is now closed

  25. Jumanji is a great name for your lady garden

  26. The Easter bunny only comes out when you are ready

  27. He-man is now to old to hunt for eggs but prefers to be the Easter Bunny

  28. She-ra is still young enough to hunt for eggs

  29. She-ra is no longer the Egg Rolling Champion

  30. SFF mum is the new Egg Rolling Champion

  31. Predicted berating over losing the Egg Champion cup came true

  32. All and sundry conclude that OTE is a waste of time and I must move on

  33. I might be suffering from Jennifer Aniston syndrome

  34. Have to get back into running

Only 1 more very intense day at work and then off for over a week. Looks like I'll have to steal myself for my house purchase as the BLOODY WOMAN wont move out


  1. The only thing missing was the dog? hope he gets to join you next time. Not sure what egg rolling is but it sounds fun - more fun than OTE. Have a good holiday. yappy

  2. Mrs YD - should have added
    35. Do not take Dog to country side in middle of lambing ever again. She likes lamb chops almost as much as I do

  3. I am laughing at this list - it sounds like Scotland was a blast. Plus - Bananagrams! I too am addicted. Your sister has a lot to answer for!

    I hope She-Ra does not suffer too much with the teenage hormones - it is a difficult time all round *remembers the angst and moods of own teenage years*

  4. Audrey - how nice of you to stop by. Scotland is always a blast. we are using scrabble tiles as a Bananagram substitute till we get our own. Might see you in the Lakes later this year

  5. So admittedly I kind of zoned out after about 20, but it looked like fun. For some reason I was absolutely convinced that you were going to win it this year. Ah well.

    Oh, and what's a love egg? I didn't dare ask Laura.