Saturday, 24 April 2010

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang oops

It's a bit quiet on the blogging front at the moment as we are on the cusp of moving to our new home. 6 DAYS AND COUNTING. My mind is mainly full of lists and more lists, things to do, things I should have done and I things I just can't be arsed doing at all.
Throw into the mix the wrinklies staying - thanks for helping pack by the way and relieve the tension with some vino and daft humour. Another He-man incident, although actually I would say to be fair this time it was school in the wrong but nevertheless, he was at the epicentre. Work has been unbelievably CRAZY. Well naturally you would want your FECKIN' CAR TO START ACTING UP!!!!!!!!
The kind men at my local garage took a look at it. This was my brief to them.
" There is a tapping noise coming from the engine could you have a look please"

This is their expert advice having had the car a day... " There is a tapping noise coming from the engine. Could be anything." Well duh. The "Anything" apparently comes accompanied with much scratching of head, "sounds serious" love anecdotes and basically inference that as your car is a heap of shite anyway don't waste your money on finding out what is the mater with the engine. GET RID QUICK LOVE and DON'T DRIVE IT.
I think this could be the straw that broke the camels back. I spent last night googling loads of cars and looking at deals. Who am I kidding I can't afford a wheelbarrow never mind anything else. I am even contemplating not having a car at all. I just don't think I can run to the cost of it. Either repairing existing on buying new. And why am I looking at cars when my to do list stretches as far as the new house?
However should I buy a car this is what I would really like. Porsche 912 preferably not in blue

But am most likely to be seen with this.....


  1. ah you got the wrong garage - what you could do is phone your breakdown line and say I think it isn't safe to drive (lots of emphasis on that bit or they will tell you to drive it to the gge yourself)... it's making a terrible noise so could you come and look - they should come and then at least identify the fault if not repair it, so then you might now whether it's worth spending money on or not - hope you have breakdown cover?

  2. I didn't have it but I do now. Thanks for the tip

  3. I drive a knackered old T reg mercedes (yup and it's white). My children hunker down just in case they're spotted by their mates. Deluding myself that I've saved money by not changing my car I've probably spent about ten times its value keeping it on the road. Still, the breakdown tip's a good one. When's the big move?

  4. Am moving on 30th April. Get they keys today! Wahay. As the new house is literally 200 yds from where we live it wont be too far to push the car should it break down. Otherwise the damn thing is going to my dad's reliable mechanic 16m away. Fingers crossed we get there. I could do an old merc - sartorial style - I like it.