Saturday, 17 April 2010

The bleedin' holiday

I love my holidays. I used to live to go on my holiday, I loved the planning, the research, the build up. Everything basically. It allowed my inner nerd to run free. The kids used to call me Klaus,The Series of Unfortunate Events. When the Incident of Mr X happened 2 and a bit years ago holidays since then have been a disaster. The first year we had to go on a holiday that was meant for 4 but we were now a 3. My stepfather and his wife very kindly joined us to jolly things up. Unfortunately the camp site I had chosen in northen Spain was more a kin to a concentration camp and had the worst food to boot. My step fathers knack of saying the wrong thing at the wrong time came into full fruition one night when he did his German imprsession. Our neighbours were German. We left the next day, drove several hundred miles south and spent the rest of our holiday at their villa where He-man behaved badly through boredom.

Last year I decided we would do a tent rather than a caravan or small plastic box masquerading as a cottage from the previous years experiences. But it would have to be somewhere hot or hottish. So South of France here we come. It was the first package holiday I had done in years with Canvas. They came recommended. We had to go late August but not so late that everything would be shut - or so I thought. You can read more about last year's escapades here.

This brings me to this year. So far nothing is planned. We have had a variety of offers but either the dates don't suit, the coffers don't stretch that far or we don't like the mix of people.
The problem is that they ( the teenage terrorists ) want friends. They no longer want friends that they make on holiday like they used to do, they want their own friends. I have no problem with that. I don't want the hassle of speaking to new people. I just want to be. So as usual it's a compromise.

So do I

A - go to Cornwall, camping ( I have no tent and have never camped hard core before , our tent would be away from the group and we would have no electric, I don't know if that is a good thing or not) where we can get some days of over lap with He-mans friends, I might make new ones and She-ra can bring a friend. I have never been to Cornwall and it is a very long drive from home.

B - Not go away at all in the big summer hols and wait to go away just the 3 of us in October. It will make for a very long drawn out summer holiday plus i can see trouble ahead with He-man not wanting to go anyway.

C - If I do A I can go away with girls for annual jaunt in October but would not be able to do B
I must say this blog was partly inspired by an ungrateful He-man being woken to a bacon buttie before maths tuition starts followed by reading Auntie Gwen's dilemma. Any suggestions gratefully received.


  1. feck em, come and do pilates with me in France x

    ps I think we have decided to go to our place in October, we have no guests and obviously no imagination or adventure

  2. Pilates makes me fart! I have gone for the Cornwall option. God help me I may have smothered He-man by then. He came home with an ear peircing on Sunday, which has since fallen out. It lasted about as long as his vegetarianism.

  3. Leave He-man with the wrinklies - he`ll survive!.....and you both will survive the `teen years` - I went through it twice and now I have two of the loveliest sons anyone could wish for!Have Faith (Hope and Charity!).