Monday, 12 April 2010

7 things I'd rather you didn't know about me

I don't know whether to thank Audrey Horne for this or not. My sister once tagged me and I'm just not quite sure of the rules but here goes.....

1. I have many famous lookalikees. Take your pick, Sandra Bullock, Kirstie Allsop, Juliana Marguiles and more recently Billie Piper. This has now become a standing joke in my family and basically anyone with dark hair is my lookalikee.

2. I can do a bath tongue and a roll tongue

3. (Woooo) Gary Davies( radio 1 has been ) came "over to my place" in his heyday.

4. I can spend hours in libraries just for the smell. ( that's the books not old ladies )

5. I once had to poo in the sea. And then swim fast to get away from it. It had amazing breast stroke.

6. When I was an au pair I used to go back down the the kitchen at night and hoover out the fridge. Then I wonder why I came back 2 stone heavier....

7. I am strangely obsessed with extremly Obese people and they are often included in my holiday photos.

So the rules of the award are these:
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  1. Another list!! Thanks - I'm in Heaven! I'll do this when I get a mo - hopefully over the weekend when lovely man is otherwise occupied and kids are hard at work on their chores (ha, who am I kidding!!) Mae xxx

  2. Hi - Thanks for the award - I haven't had one before, so am very happy about doing it - Will do a post at the weekend -

    Hope you're having a good week - xxx

  3. WHHDIGH - Ah a list person - you must be in your element. I only write lists because I havea terrible memory

    MA- I shall look forward to reading your lists