Tuesday, 9 March 2010

A weekend in the life of....

Not much has been happening in my neck of the woods recently. He-man has finished being a vegetarian. Apparently it was all my fault, naturally. It is true that I maybe cooked more bacon butties and pepperoni pizza than normal but surely he could have had better will power than that. We have received He-man's half termly student achievement record and for once it is going in the right direction. With less than 10 weeks to GCSE countdown THANK F*CK FOR THAT! is all I can say. He is even doing geography homework without being prompted as I write. He also scored 2 tries at the weekend and did some good moves in the match. The sky was blue the sun was warm and I got to see my boy play a sport he is good at it. Bliss.
She-ra is floating around and doesn't know what to do with herself and is giving me evils as she hasn't checked her facebook today, despite being at home 3 hours before me on a daily basis. She has baked a lovely cake and helped cooked tea a few times this week. She hung out at the stables on Sunday and my car still stinks of horse shit 3 days later.
The dog is not happy that I don't take her running any more and is sat next to me on the sofa having to be happy with a much shortened walk round the block with one of the kids. She is no longer welcome on the runs as she loiters near rubbish bins so I forget about her or if I put her on the leash she nearly takes my arm off when she stops suddenly to eat the chips/fish/roast chicken she has found.
The weekend was most uneventful but relaxing. Drinks after work on Friday, also attended by Ol' Twinkly Eyes including public displays of affection. Saturday am had a coffee in park with Sci-fi mum of 3 folloed by pootling around the house on Saturday with a massive family shop at 2 supermarkets as we had run out of so much food. True I didn't need to visit 2 but the dog only likes Aldi dry dog food, in addition to the roadside buffet she enjoys. I must stop my pantry becoming so bare as A) I end up doing expensive top up shops all week where I spend even more and B) when I do finally get thee to a market of superness I am overloaded with mother guilt that we have no food in the house and buy too much.

In addition to pootling I did a lot of sleeping. She-ra says since moving into our temporary abode I drop off to sleep at the drop of her hat. Most unlike me.

Sunday was the usual dropping kids off at activities, watching said activity in my son's case, getting Sunday Times, reading said paper, going for a run in the sun with good running friend for first time together this year, ironing, cooking Sunday tea and then to bed. All pretty average; on a bad day this kind if a weekend would leave me feeling full of despair a "is this it?" feeling. But this was a good day and I felt happy with my mundane lot.


  1. Falling asleep at the drop of a hat in your temporary abode ... what excuse do you have for snoring on the sofa on Christmas day at my house? Oh yes, too much bubbly! Fnarrr

    I need further Friday OTE details ...

  2. Ha! public displays of affection are as detailed as it gets. After "our talk " ie me going "what the feck are we doing?" He self confessed to needing to put more effort in and duly has. However my point is it shouldn't be effort. Nevermind it keeps me well oiled in the meantime.