Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Update on the Ole Twinkly Eyes Situation

A few weeks ago, having been fed up with OTE's lack of effort amongst other things, I tackled it head on whilst out for a drink. " What is this thing we have going on here?" as I waved my hand around the bar. Am not sure what I was trying to indicate but gesticulations are my thing. "What do you mean?" he asks. "Well are we just friends, or friends with benefits ( aka fuck buddy ) or what?" Clearly he thought it was in the "or what" category. I then went on to explain that I can't have a separate relationship with him to the rest of my life, that I have kids and at some point he would have to meet them. ( He currently rings me from the car when he picks me up - this from a man who declares he is oozing with self confidence ) At this point I really though he would down his pint, grab his coat and head out of the door. Before I had the chance to say much else he looked straight at me and " I need to put in more effort". Now whilst I agree with this what I don't agree with is the effort part. It shouldn't be effort, I want to shout, it should just come naturally. I have since been out with him more times than I care to remember since then, have had public displays of affection and the occasional rumpy pumpy and no episodes of Inspector Frost. Actually I am not so sure about the latter as the last time I was at his Siberian out post I was so pissed I headed straight for the bedroom and collapsed whilst I think he went and watched a series catch up, whatever.

So whilst this temporary upgrade/effort is welcome I want to also upgrade his manners and attitude to sex. I expect doors to be held open for me, chairs to be brought for me, for my drinks to be ordered and my well being & desires put first. I also expect my knickers to be ripped off the minute we have the opportunity and not to play second fiddle to either football or Frost. We maybe making headway on the latter but we are a long way off the knicker ripping stage and given this is supposed to the first flush of passion it is not a good sign. Maybe less first flush and more flush down the pan? Anyway I think I am secretly looking forward to challenging him on his supposed self confidence views and lack of sex drive. although I am not sure it is really worth the effort ( see that word again ) but have little else on at the moment and I hope that one day should he be ever lucky enough to have a long term, nay permanent , relationship with a woman ( rather than a pint glass or football ) that they would find him a well rounded, well mannered sex god.