Sunday, 21 March 2010

I have a confession I am a shoeaholic

My name is Kate and I am a shoeaholic. Yesterday I fed my addiction. Twice. I am particularly attracted to high heels, the higher the better. My range of flat shoes isn't even into double figures. ( actually have just done a mental recount and it does run into double figures - high heels are my passion though) I don't know how many high heels I have, partly because I still haven't unpacked since moving in as we will be moving again soon, and partly because I have lost count. Yesterday I became gripped in a real fix. I could have bought a lot more than 2 pairs and am actually contemplating going back for those I didn't buy ( red boots, mocha pumps and deep purple peep toes with metal studs for starters. ) The shop was an unexpected find. Like any self respecting addict you know where to get your fixes in your area so find a new supply is like having a secret stash. Strictly speaking this shop isn't in my area but Running Buddy Mother of 3 has recently acquired a coastal bolt hole a couple of hours bolting distance and had invited us girlies ( ok women in their 40's ) for the weekend. I thought I knew said coastal town quite well but when she showed us this little street with a number of great finds, the new dealer( shoe shop ) was there. I was in Nirvana. Deciding to leave our purchases for our return trip later that afternoon I think I became twitchy when I though we wouldn't make it back in time. In fact I formed a break away group of fellow addicts to make sure I got back in time to the shop. I don't think the strange little shop keeper man, complete with beret and BO, could quite believe his luck when we piled back in and started buying. My shoeaholic buddy mother of 1 ( also known as Imedla Marcos such is her passion ) bought 3 pairs and we were getting quite giddy and needed reigning in.

My love affair with shoes probably started when I was about 4, doing the whole dressing up in your mother's clothes and finding a pair of silver sparkly slip shoes with a heel ( think Dorothy's slippers in Wizard of Oz ) and I was hooked. It wasn't long before the lure of the stiletto heel had pulled me in. I started low ( to appease mother ) but was soon on 3" heels with a passion. I remember my grandmother ( also a shoeaholic and shopping addict to boot ) buying my first pair. 3" ox blood red stilettos. I think they were from Freedman Hardy & Willis. I used to smuggle them in my school bag to swap with my sensible loafers out of sight of my mother. The addiction just grew from there. I still have a couple of pairs bought in my teens, including a pair of black suede thigh boots. The suede went baggy very quickly so I used to tie them with scarves and leather shoe string to keep them up; think less strumpet more Captain Jack Sparrow.
I regularly pop into shoe shops to ogle, dribble, stroke and covet those out of my price range . Harvey Nicks is a great place for this and one day I will own a pair of Christian Louboutin ( or L'boobatins as we call them ). I can also pinpoint a specific shoe an occasion etc. I have given away shoes in the past thinking that I would never wear them again. The mocha snakeskin and suede ones were the last pair I bought with my mother before she died - now both are long gone. The red suede stilettos with black stitching detail on the heel from Bertie - I wore them on my first date with my ex husband. They weren't practical at all for a long pub crawl - now gone ( shoes and husband .) My dark blue pop pom shoes that I used to get the heel stuck in the pom poms so I would fall over - gone too. Ah the memories.

I will be going to Spain soon with work and probably take one of the new pairs with me. But I have already planned my wardrobe round the hit shoe of the moment the RED ones. I don't think I can recall a shoe ever having such a devastating effect on men. Putty in your hands doesn't even come close to effect they have which is great for donig business. I have even had accompanying colleagues if I am taking said shoes with me. ( and yes I did wear them on my first meeting with OTE ). I have other red shoes but not patent with bows. In fact it isn't even a great looking shoe it reminds me of goats hooves but when you put them on something happens and you are transformed.

I think this is actually a medical condition and is hereditary. He-man has shown the classic signs for some time and even goes on Nike site to deign his own on a regular basis. She-ra just covets mine. I just long for my own pair of Christian Louboutins with red lining. That would be the biggest high ever.


  1. Gosh, I just get shoes for comfort! Clearly there is a whole new dimension out there which has passed me by... I once had turqoise blue stillettos but was too clumsy to walk in them (caught foot in revolving door), I thought finally arriving at my 50s meant my frumpy footwear would become socially acceptable and expectable but having seen the delights of your shoebox I am feeling insecure!

  2. OMG I want to come with you to the shoe shop of dreams. You always know when you find one of your own, I love my fellow Imeldas.

    I used to write shoe porn to an ex mr auntiegwen, always did the trick! xxx

  3. Good grief. They are fahhhhbulous! I heart high heels but sadly am married to someone the same height as me and therefore feel like a giant dating a dwarf if I'm wearing heels. I could lick those red ones...

  4. Ooooo, I love & handbags. Nothing beats the smell of a new pair of shoes when you first open the box.....! Sue x

  5. Mrs YD - wedges are teh answer for you. You'll be sashaying about town wondering what you were missing
    AG - Thought you might be a fellow shoe lover
    english Mum - i do hope you have some heels for when you are out without hubby?
    Smiffy - don't bet me started on handbags, mine are all still packed up. Shoes are my real drug of choice though.