Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Cat nip

I have been weaning my self off Mr OTE quite successfully. Haven;t seen him for a couple of weeks, zero contact, me too busy, him? who cares? Oh and then today I have a meeting which he just happens to be attending. So I was aware of this in advance so that must have been reason that sub consciously I put some killer heels on, seamed tights and a very good suit. I deliberately tried to avoid sitting next to him at said meeting to no avail. he plonked himself next to me. I deliberately avoided speaking to him at said meeting about anything else than the subject matter at hand. Phew I had managed to contain myslef when the impulse to grab his leg liek a friggin dog was almost overwhelming. For 2 hours I sat there! I felt worthy ! I had survived! So why why I ask, did I send him a text when I got home stating following " Do you want to go for a drink tonite?... Pref at your flat with wine. Mrs Moist has been experiencing a period of extreme drought n that's not good. !"
I had all on to stop myself from asking if there was a good episode of Inspector Frost on tonite because I know that would have nailed it. OMG what was I thinking. Did I get a response? Too feckin' right I did but one I have had to book in for next week. That's not good. That's shite in fact. God what a girl have to do to get her leg over?


  1. How could any man refuse Mrs Moist????

  2. mrs moist? ha ha ha, that brightened up my morning!

  3. you have to wait a week? there must be something wrong with him, this is not good. Time to introduce him to the dog for assessment - animals never lie. ha ha my word verification was 'concerns'

  4. Auntie G - This man can refuse Mrs Moist!
    Heather - glad to make you larf
    Mrs YD - My dog likes every, one she is not a good judge of character.

    My sister and good friend are adamant that by the end of the week end they will have me on a dating site. OOer am not sure about that