Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Wet gussets

I know when I post this I am going to get sighs and oh no's. However it has been a shit week, anniversary of the big split and have been getting lots of unwelcome memories etc so you'll just have to indulge me. So I am in this meeting with a lot of men, all sports related, all pecs and testosterone, white teeth and smiles. All wanting your attention. I have some status at work. Even Ole Twinkly Eyes was in same meeting he of retired sportsman-cum-number-cruncher ( now there's a juxtaposition!) I am sure his subsequent conversation was more to do with staking his claim like a rutting stag then anything else but hey. Result - One wet gusset and one date with OTE - I know I know I shouldn't do it but my resolve weakened when he applied full on charm. Although he may get bumped as an old friend is back in town so he will still need to apply himself. I want a proper date and a leg over. Oh damn - wet gusset again.


  1. Beating them off with a stick, huh? Excellent news!

  2. May your gussett always be wet, my dear.

  3. A busy weekend for you then, hope your eyes will be twinkling too come Monday.