Thursday, 18 February 2010

mozzarella boobs

Yesterday I struggled in a changing booth to get a sports bra on. It was for high impact sports. I run. My old bra was built for someone a lot bigger than me for I am like a Russian doll getting increasingly smaller. ( by the time I get to be an old woman I will have disappeared. ) I have realised that if I continue to run with said bra that it wont be long before I can use my boobies as slippers. However never has a bra been so painful to put on. I so wished I had a camera with me so I could have documented the contortions I had to get into in order to get the damn thing on. It just furthered my resolve that Marks & Spencer's don't do good bras and for god sakes don't let them measure you! You will end up with boobs looking like goat's udders - I nearly did until I found a good local lingerie shop who whipped me into shape got my down by 2 cup sizes and my breasts pointing upwards. What a revelation! What a confidence booster! I should have been on commission as many a friend has since been to self same shop and walked with amazing boobs and even better self confidence. Which brings me back to me struggle in an M&S changing room. If you want your boobs to look like bags of mozzarella stroll on in if not? You know the answer.


  1. I have discovered Primark sports bra's, they do absolutely nothing, cost absolutely nothing but look the part - I have yet to find a sports bra in any price range from £3 to £50 that does the job better, they all seem to be the same. Designed by men don't forget.

  2. its amazing in the difference between shops when they measure you isn't it? quite frightening really.

  3. I want to go down 2 sizes and have boobs pointing upwards, please tell me the name of the secret shop !

  4. Mrs YD - thanks for the advice I just don't know if I can entrust my artillery to Primark

    Auntiegwen - I just went to our local lingerie shop - she never in used a tape measure! Nor did she hit me over the head when I had to pay - gulp - well worth it for a confidence booster and having your boobs pointing upwards though