Sunday, 7 February 2010

leading by example

Feckin' hell! I would really like to blog about my 4 days away running up mountains and falling down hills but He-mans' recent activities have put my thoughts all askew. Anyway here goes....

I am recalling this backwards and ad hoc stylee: it kind of lends itself to the way we 16 were feeling whilst being bossed, ahem directed, about for the duration.

The day we were leaving we became snowbound. Panic set in with the single mums amongst us on how we were going to get the kids sorted. Frankly I wished I'd been snowed in at least a week.

" You must pack you back pack with the bare essentials and tomorrow morning we will walk to the nearest village where you will be collected. The rest of your belongings will be brought back in a few days "

OMG bare essentials. So what did I pack? My hair dryer, naturally, Jo Malone lip balm, my bra. Then I unpacked it and thought No! My handbag I absolutely need this !

Fortunately the walk was not needed and all our belongings and good selves were brought back together.

Day one - after being dumped in a car park and being told to navigate our way to our final destination whilst looking for clues en route we staggered across the Yorkshire moors gelling as a team. At one point one ( been there done it kinda guy ) member of the team shrieked "put these shower caps on now!" I looked to my right and saw a cliff full of shitting gulls. I was impressed with the foresight of the team managers to protect us from the corrosive nature of bird shit. But no it was just some daft task devised by those I came to know as The Devious Bastards.

For the next few days a variety of tasks unfolded revealing our strengths and weaknesses as team leaders. The class room tasks were undoubtedly the hardest as we were just so tired to get our brains functioning. Getting up at 6am to sit in a classroom for an hour whilst devising a paper to go to your Chief Exec is no joke. I had 2 tasks, one on the induction day the previous week where I performed terribly, and another on the first day. Given that the majority had been up since sparrow fart, with little to eat by the time it came to 4 pm, I was brain f*cked (technical term ). Myself and another unfortunate were given the nod and taken away for our briefing. I looked at them and smiled. " Can you repeat that " I said not once but three times and on the final time explaining that I was very tired and just couldn't take anything in. This did not bode well for my task at all which appeared to be a high energy short sharp one. Shit!

Well we succeeded. I do recall stripping off to my thermals in order to complete a task which meant certain team members had to be manhandled and pushed through small spaces. And as we kept failing it this was repeated a number of times. However we finished and I survived. What did I learn about myself? This was the best bit for me even thought I expected the worst. It gave me a huge confidence booster. After spending 2 years just trying to function post Mr Ex, ( seriously if I was ever brave enough to post what he did you would be amazed that we are still here - it's off the scale) it was good to hear some positives. Full of energy, laughing, joking, inclusive, firm but fair. I was so happy to hear all of that even the constructive ( not negative ) feedback was OK. Plus I will have a DVD soon of said feedback but I don't think I will be getting that one out at Christmas.

Red Onion! Was the object I took to represent myself on Induction day. Lots of layers, the essential ingredient in many a dish (just like my job ) and red because it's just a little bit more sophisticated.

I leave you with the game we played one night. I have already decided to play this with my mates. It was a bit like consequences. you write your name on the the bottom the paper, then you get 20 questions and each time you write and answer you turn over the paper to cover your answer and hand it to the next person. and our questions were:

1. What car will they be driving in 10 years?

2.If you were a movie star who would they be?

3. What colour would they be?

4. Ice cream or honey?

5. Which country would they be?

6. What song would they be?

7. Flip flops or wellies ( you would be amazed at the creative answers here )

8. What animal?

9. What fruit?

10. What would their pornstar name be? ( 1st pat and mothers maiden name )

11. What type of pudding would they be?

12. Lipstick lesbian or drag king?

13. What will they be doing in 10 years?

14. What type of holiday would they take?

15 Formal English -text or chav?

16. Describe their bedroom?

17. Which film star would they like to have passionate sex with?

18 What plastic surgery would this person have?

19. What type of sport does this person play?

20 If they were a TV channel which would it be?

Oh how we laughed!

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