Tuesday, 16 February 2010

It's half term and it is a week of fix this and mend that coupled with teenage stroppiness ( again! I am getting a bit sick of it .) First the car headlights went en route through dark back country lanes on Saturday night. I nearly papped myself. The kids were very good until He-man realised that I would not get him home in time to go out with mates - how inconsiderate of me. The intense concentration of driving in complete darkness meant I had the beginnings of a migraine by the time I arrived home - once had never ever forgotten and went into a mad panic trying to find ibuprofen and migralief. She-ra had hurt her neck having to turn around to let me know how many car drivers were gesticulating at me. ( I didn't ask her to do this she volunteered. ) The upside is I have found a new garage within 5 minutes walking distance of my house full of friendly mechanics who didn't lift my leg to get the car sorted.
The laptop cable has died, thanks to She-ra abuse, and being Dell it looks like I will have to bite the bullet and by from them.
I also thought the oven had died but again She-ra, she of I-can't-resist-pushing-that-button-just-to-see-what-would-happen-fame, had been at it again. Now have solved the problem.
Having trawled a number of websites for possible holidays I am beginning to realign my aspirations from hot sunshine and villa to canvas and wet week in Edinburgh ( although I know said week will be full of larfs so that will more than make up for it .)
Am also trying out a new tactic on He-man. After some serious flouting of the rules i.e. let me know where you are and don't stay out all night kinds rules, I have come up with a new strategy for punishment. Firstly keep conversation to bare minimum eg your tea is in fridge. Second don't show him how to use microwave ( to quote me " you have been told to do more reading for your English GCSE so you can start with the microwave manual .) His jaw actually dropped when I sadi this. Next all his dirty washing is currently his responsibility. So one very muddy rugby kit is festering on his bedroom floor. Finally, well for the moment anyway, his replacement ipod and mobile has arrived ( post mugging ). I am with holding my limited I.T. talents that will enable him to transfer all his previous ipod music onto new ipod. He can't quite believe that all of these little trivialities are happening. The result: A loving son who has given me big hugs today. Still a bit stroppy that I will not A not give new ipod and phone or B that I will get it up and running for him but I will not loosen my resolve.
With that I went out for along walk with recently made single mother of one of his friends who I don't know very well. We walked round the park in glorious sunshine and have come away with an offer of another camping holiday and a good laugh at life and ourselves.


  1. So that's how you do it! we are in post GCSE revision mode (well I am, teenage boy isn't) all I have to do is withhold taxi service to various teenage events and access to any and all technology and I'm a winner!

  2. *they sound like damn good strategies to me!

  3. Try amazon for your laptop cable, mine is dell too but my replacement was less than £15.

    I love Edinburgh, lived there for 13 years in Comely Bank, Corstorphine and Orchard Brae mainly, was GUTTED to leave to move to where I live now in England.

  4. Mrs Yappy - it is too early to tell if the strategies have worked. The proof at the moment is limited to much improved behaviour, I just hope he gets the results he needs too.

    Heather - I just hope I can keep them up. The not doing washing produced a result as he went out tonight and something he found at the bottom of the wardrobe and was very friendly. Hmm wonder why.

    auntiegwen- thanks for the advice re the cable but already parted with my hard earned dosh to Dell. I used to live in Edinburgh too in Morningside. Loved it. Spent most of my child hood holidays there too thanks to a scottish stpefather.