Sunday, 28 February 2010

He-man has gone veggie. He-man doesn't eat vegetables. He-man likes bacon butties and meaty curries. He hates onions and doesn't like tomato based sauces. I am currently ignoring this current phase and noted when he wolfed down the Pepperoni pizza last night that he had no problems eating the pepperoni. Why don't you pick it off, She-ra suggested. Can't be arsed, he grunted. I don't think he is really behind the whole veggie thing. It will be interesting to see if eats some of the veggie dishes daughter and I enjoy this week. I am trying to work out what started this as I do recall a conversation earlier in the week when he was going on about eating too much red meat. This is not a problem in my house as we don't eat that much meat anyway but he was relating it back to having all sorts of illnesses. He should consider reigning in the whole dairy habit of 4 - 6 yoghurts a day and a pound of cheese washed down with more cheese. I wonder if he will eat a donkey burger when he goes to watch the rugby with his uncle tonight or if he will become all principled?


  1. It doesn't sound like his hearts quite in it, does it? ;)

  2. Ha, my teenager will never give up meat, he is concerned that we are undernourishing him and regularly supplements his diet with his own supermarket run on biscuits, he hates cheese except in a mcdonalds burger or pizza, allergic to tomato except on pizza or somebody elses mums bolognaise. They have no logic see, teenagers.