Thursday, 4 February 2010


I have just come back from 4 days leadership training. I had expected to blog about that as there were some truly hysterical moments. After all when building leadership skills you clearly have to be able to abseil, gorge walk, hang upside down of ropes etc etc. However famous last words before I went... "something always happens to the kids when I am away." This time it takes the biscuit. He-man almost got himself expelled on day 1 having decided it would be a good idea to do a flame throw in class whilst the teacher was out of the room, he somehow has managed to stay in the school by the skin of his teeth and two isolations later. Needless to say my punishments are far more severe and he is sulking now. If I hear " I am going to change " one more time that change might well be from living to dead. I thought it was bad enough that we will be lucky if he scrapes through on his gcse's, I didn't think I would also have to worry about actually keeping him in school too.

Both kids were staying with very good friend for first 2 nights but the nights turned into 3 when we were snowed in and unable to get home on the last day. Compounded by the fact that there had been no mobile phone reception at all and a dodgy pay phone trying to arrange emergency cover was difficult to say the least. The decision by my sister and VGF1 not tell me about He-man latest efforts was a good call. He has had to sweat it out for 4 days and I would have only worried MASSIVELY. Very good friend no 2 came to the rescue of snow bound mum and had them both overnight. Her husband en route to collect the winkies somehow managed to open his BMW car door into a police van and spent some time chatting with said boys in blue. Not good for a man in the legal profession. She-ra meanwhile was enjoying the excitement as very good friend no 2's daughter is on a pedestal, not least, for her expert use of eyeliner. Getting to share her bedroom for one night was like a dream come true. I must remember to thank VGFno2 for watching Embarrassing bodies on TV with my daughter during which she got to see a erect penis with a kink in it as VGF2 dived to turn it off crimson with embarrassment as She-ra reminded her that perhaps that wasn't such good TV as she is only 13. VGF2 did say that the said dick did come out of nowhere but ain't that always the case?


  1. What did the teacher think would happen if they left the room with stuff like that in it?

    As a teacher, it would take something to make me leave teens alone with board pens never mind fire making equipment.

  2. yeah, laid back teacher or what!!! I love your kids, they are such opportunists!

  3. Auntie Gwen - This teacher seems to flee the classroom at the earliest opportunity. However I can't really say that to the school. Am going to have thinking of a plan B for He-man and get a meeting with Head of Year

    Yappy dog - opportunists are giving me heart failure. It's bad enough trying to get eldest to study I didn't think I would have to contend with trying to keep him in school too

    Unfortuantely all bad behaviour can be traced back to the day our lives changed with now ex hisband. Pity he isn't around to see the devastation he left behind.