Monday, 11 January 2010

Snow madness has set in. After being basically holed up chez nous since before Christmas the whole bed in and veg out has worn thin. I have definitely gone stir crazy. She-ra is positively bonkers. He-man is clocking in as much as sleep as possibel whilst down loading as much dub step as possible to his chrimbo pressie an ipod nano. She-ra and I have started the whole holiday playing cards theme and it's gin rummy every night. Tonight during said cards, she of whom butter wouldn't melt, goody two shoes girl recounted some of her day's activities at record speed. What do you say to a girl who tells you that she and her friends decided that The Fox & Hound sounded like a porn film? I wanted to say " don't you mean F**ks and Hound but managed to bite my tongue. Clearly we could have had a lot of fun with this game had she been a lot older. She however continued Curious George, she cried, Flat Stanley I replied. This drew hoots of laughter from her but left me wondering what she was on. Jungle Book, what I really meant was Jungle F**k. Stig of the dump she riposted. Really what was she on? I had a mug shot for tea, they're full of additives, she declared. Clearly.

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