Monday, 11 January 2010

Sexy snow

Less than 2 months in and I can't make my mind up about Ol' Twinkly Eyes ( OTE ). On the one hand he gets me excited in a good way and on the other he infuriates the hell out of me. But then as 2 good friends pointed out today. One - he is a man ie boy. The other? They (men) function differently. They process information differently and they certainly don't plan. Planning doesn't come into it for instance. I cannot drop everything and rush over stay the night. I have to organise dog sitting and sleep overs. I have mother guilt to deal with. My favourite part however is staying over, that whole post coital snuggling - which he is very good at, the former less so. I exercised amazing strength of character this weekend when as the clock ( cock) struck 11.30 I elevated out of bed called a cab and was home before I changed into a pumpkin.

I had decided to take the peasant wagon to get his bijou city centre frickin' freezin flat. By the time I had staggered through the snow clutching my bottle of wine with a death grip and sliding about like horny snail I found that I had left my libido on the bus. When later he told my 70 denier tights weren't sexy ( he who was in jeans and a thermal jumper with the tightest elasticated waist ever I swear I nearly lost 3 fingers in there ) I thought Snow isn't fucking Sexy what do you expect!


  1. Men - all snuggled up in the warm while you brave it home through the snow. Hope it was worth it!

  2. well I'm still seeing him - so I guess so.