Sunday, 24 January 2010

Put your listening ears on

Have had date number whatever with Ole Twinkly Eyes the other night. Am feeling rough today. Not due to a night of unbridled passion but because I found myself drinking, mixing drinks and drinking some more whilst he talked and talked and talked some more. He never stops talking! Having been married to a man who hardly spoke at all I clearly have gone for the opposite. He is making me laugh now which is a good thing as it is closely connected to my g-spot. But this is not working for me. I want passion when I walk through the door. Not to sit down and watch yet another bleedin' documentary. I want to be fighting him off. I want hot passionate kisses. I give great saucy texts and I want them back. Then surprise statement of the evening that sticks in my mind is " I want to take you away for the weekend, ( tick - I like the sound of this ) go walking in the countryside ( tick - love doing that ) he mentions the name of a couple of hotels ( tick an mightily impressed just hope he is paying ). But I have heard that one before when he wanted to get into my knickers so will not be maintaining the lady garden in wishful thinking.

Am having to face that he is just not that into me or is he? The mixed messages are difficult to decipher. He's just been on the phone for ages, was miffed when I didn't hang around for a chat at work though it was obvious I was in the middle of something with a bunch of important looking people and will be miffed even more when he realises that I am busy all week and will not see him for nearly a fortnight. Has it become a FWB relationship ( friends with benefits ) only am not sure the benefits are that great? So would just friends be fine? Being a creature of directness I have decided the next date (which I will leave for him to arrange ) he will need to put his listening ears on because he will be learning what I want, when I want it and how. And we'll just have to see where that takes us next.


  1. feck, don't ask me, you read my blog and know how crap with men I am. I don't even post the men stuff now for fear evryone will go "for feck's sake wummin pull yersel the gither"

    Have read all your posts now and my god it's scary how many of us are living the same life

  2. Thanks for taking the time to drop by.... i find a sense of humour helps enormously. if i didn't laugh at everything then it would be really quite depressing. There is a strange comfort in knowing that everyone is going through similar shit.