Friday, 15 January 2010

Proud mum

Yesterday was a good day. She-ra had parents evening. Despite spending more time queueing than sitting in front of the INCREDIBLY young looking teachers it was a very worthwhile 2 hours of my life! She is star pupil, the one they all want her their class, funny but hard working. I am so proud of my daughter! Well done you.

I even managed to slip in a quick 10 minutes with one He-man's teachers on a less positive note. But even that was a " he is talented but wasting it " conversation. He passed his maths resit- Hurrah.



  1. Well done she-ra - and he-man too - it is such a good feeling isn't it when you realise your offspring have hidden depths. They can't be achievers all the time but my goodness it feels great when they pull it off doesn't it!!!